FlashForward 1x09 Believe

Thursday, 19 November 2009
8 PM Eastern/Pacific

anyone home?

A flashback on Flashforward?

Hard to type and read subtitles.

Not if you don’t watch your fingers. :smiley:

You would have interesting spelling from me. Is everyone else with the Vampires?

No, apparently no one’s frakkin’ tonight. :frowning:

Next week I would understand everyone getting ready for family but this week?

How are you feeling? Not good as it looks.

It’s nice that the language tape cares, at least. :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the timing of the statements funny and sad.

Aw, poor Bryce. :frowning:

Strange looking cheese. (wine)

Hey! It’s the vampire PR lady from True Blood!

I did not notice. Was her hair different or something? letting dogs out brb.

That, and she wasn’t a vampire. :smiley:

I have not seen it lately.

“The nail that stands out gets hammered down.”

Very wise. :slight_smile:

Doctor friends very helpful.

Some one please fastforward through the adds.