FlashForward 1x05 Give Me Some Truth

Thursday, 22 October 2009
8 PM Eastern/Pacific

Hi all. Wow the weeks are flying by.

John Cho has Dumbo ears.

‘Enter the Dragon’

Now I want to see that.

Is that the kid from Smallville?
well grown up.

So far they’ve talked about so many body functions. Masturbation, Constipation, etc.

I no know. Never seen Smallville.

The President flashforward. SUH-weet!

Not much though.

What crashed into the Capitol?


Oh boy! D-bag /checkbox


A Senator bitca! Once again template woman in power.

I wish they had switch characters and made the FBI director a woman with those character traits.

“President in 6 months.”

Either she is lying or the shite hits the fan in six months since everyone has a look into the future. Total chaos! And President’s flashforward is the warning that civil war is happening.

Much more impressed with the way they are handling this relationship than the way Heroes did with Claire and room mate.

What’s with the hands on hips?

Oh cool! Moving the plot along. Pylons. I hope by the end of this episode they are in that desert.

“Voodoo. Fraud.”

Um…everyone had these flashforwards. It’s not like they are making these up.

Mya, this is the wrong time to bring that up, in a public place.


Whoa, Zoe is gonna be pissed. The plot thickens.

Family called again. They are not the same person but someone always knows when there is a frak party.

I thought Lots of people liked this show. Do they all live in the west?