FlashForward 1x01 No More Good Days

Thursday, September 24, 2009
8 PM Eastern/Pacific

Lookin Forward to this starting tonight. I’ve seen the first 17 min. online and it seemed to be pretty good. Hopes it does well.

What channel???

Found it. See you all for the show.

Ya think this is going for a Lost feel? Starts off with a main character weaking up to an accident

You know you do have a front door.

Ok this is making much more sense on a second watching. But the first time i was watciing i was at work and it was on my computer screen

Maxin’ with the sexy sexy already.

Holy Frak. There was an Oceantic Airlines Poster in the background!!

I love Harold! He is funny

Yea this show is gonna need some deeper watching.

I have a feeling that this is gonna be an awesome show.

WHat you wanna bet the Numbers are somewhere in the show some where

Lost has its Polar Bear. Flash Forward has its Kangaroo

Default Prophet comin in hot

Sup dude.

Howdey!! Well i have seen up to this point already. its even better the second time around. Catching lots that i missed before

Crikey! Well they’re all deep in Kangaroo poop right now!

Ha you said poop

So I think it’s aliens. How about you

So the lil; kids flash has something do do with Olivia.

Ohh nice squirt.

Bunnies! Bunnies … it must be bunnies!!!