Flash Foward: What did you see? Surprise Frak

I’m here.


It’s a recap ep. But, may as well.

I’ll be over in the Trek Tuesday thread. Have fun.

Why the frak no one gets that the kids retained more than their memories f the flash?

Thanks. ^^

It’s trippy now how Zoe mistakes a funeral for a wedding. But, it made sense back then.

Huh? Is Baltar going to be D. Gibbons? That would be ossim!

I still say the daughter’s, Tracy, appearance seemed too random.

Strange how they can fit everyone’s story in the breaks between commercials. d:

“It’s like a book club, but with bullets.” heh.

“There are many copies…”

Oh never mind. I forgot we saw him.

Ah well. Glad I watched. Gonna need a recap for SGU too. These hiatuses (hiati?) are too long.