First Post - Bear McCreary is fantanstic

I would have to say that Bear is one of the best Composer for the Sci-fi, due to that only he can do this with an accordion:

This is darkmatter evolving from the darkness into the light . . . . of being social.

Welcome to the forum darkmatter!

Bear McCreary is always fantanstic, and I love how much he has really reached out to the BSG fan community with stuff like this. Anyway, welcome aboard!

Accordion is no joke. Separates the men from the boys.

I really dig his work on The Walking Dead. I’m a total geek for a good score.

His website is great too- I love to read his notes and thoughts on his music.

welcome darkmatter! I completely agree, bear mccreary is a genius. All his albums are worth buying - I especially love his soundtrack for Human Target, that is some fun music.

enjoy the forums!