Firestar Saga

I stumbled upon a series by Michael Flynn - Firestar Saga.

Book 1 -Firestar,
I’m really loving it.
Just good old hard scifi.
It’s a little dated, it was written in 1996, so there are a few social/cultural things
that are a little behind, but the story and the ideas are great.
I haven’t finished it yet, so far - wonderful.

Finished Firestar -Bk1.

Sometimes it got bogged down, but for the most part a really good read.

Finished Rogue Star (Bk 2).
I am totally invested in the characters now (and there are a lot of them).
There are some really interesting ideas.
I’m really enjoying this series.

Sometimes dated, sometimes too heavy on the details.

Just about to start Book 3, Lodestar.

Just finished Book 2 today.

Lodestar (Book 3)
Still enjoying it, I’m about halfway through - but the heavy hard scifi portions,
are beginning to turn my brain to mush.

Lodestar (Book 3)

Just finished this. I am on complete overload with the hard science.
I find the storyline interesting and I like quite a few of the many characters,
but my brain is turning to mush.

Need a break before I tackle the last book in the series, Falling Star (Bk 4).

I think I need to read a mystery to clear my head. :slight_smile:

Falling Star (Bk 4)

Alright, I cleared my head with a light mystery novel,
and just finished the first book of The Atlantis Gene series,
so now, I’m ready to start the concluding novel of the Firestar series.

Falling Star (Bk 4)

The story continues. A good story.

Falling Star (Bk 4)

Well, this series was a good read.
A little too heavy on the science at times, but very interesting.