Firefly, whole series online to stream, free

The whole Firely series is now available for free streaming at , this new joint venture between Universal and Fox.

So, I am cruising around Hulu for the first time and noted:

You can watch every episode of Firefly, for free. This is awesome for people who don’t want to wait for their rental to show up, have loaned out their box sets to friends or simply someone who wants to try the series without purchasing the box set.

…of course…if you like it definitely think about buying the box set…we continue to send a message that we want more Firefly through keeping sales high!

Holy craaap. Nice find Solai, and I just tried it and it actually works ! Now I can finally watch Firefly AND buy food !

Hey, that’s me!
I found Firefly on Hulu a couple of days ago and have already watched the pilot. Pretty soon I might even get all GWC’s and the Forum’s quotes. :slight_smile:
(At least I finally get Lady D’s avatar.)

I’m really liking Hulu. There’s a LOT of free stuff, tv & movies, …some I actually want to see. Some really eclectic stuff! If only it had ALL of The Sarah Connor Chronicles, so I could easily introduce it to some of my friends.

I just noticed this yesterday and started watching the pilot, though a crying baby kept me from watching more than the first 15 minutes or so. Firefly virgin that I am I’ve been hearing a great number of people rave about this show for some time now, but haven’t quite picked it up myself. I saw the movie on cable a couple of years ago and thought it was pretty good, though nothing extraordinary either (sorry). Still, the pilot episode, what I saw of it, anyway, won me over with the exchange about the “cry baby.” “Cry baby cry!” “Make your mother sigh.”

A show that starts off with a reference to a relatively obscure Beatles song is all right in my book. I’m in.

Thanks Solai. My problem is that I was trying to save all my recorded Firefly episodes on TiVo. I’m a new TiVo user and I’ve hit the hard truth that I can’t save everything. So it’s a good to know that hulu is a place to see it at my leisure. All that said, you’re right, Solai–I should put my FireFly love into perspective and biuy the DVD set.

wow, i totally missed that reference. of course, i only watched the series once and that was last summer, but i think it’s definitely time for me to start a rewatch.

thanx. now i have something to do at work.

Thanks guys. I have now officially started my Firefly education…I watched the pilot last night…loved it…and am going to play catch up each nite after work. Psyched ! And it’s free!

It’s been a while since I saw the whole series, can’t wait to get back into it. I noticed that all of the episodes are also streaming on Netflix too! (Has it been that way for a while or is that part of the Fox agreement too?) Firefly on my Roku!

I too have Netfix and a Roku box. I just keep Firefly and the BDM Serenity on my Instant Watch queue. I so love Firefly !!