Firefly Universe Online

Has anyone else heard about this? Darkcryo wants to make its debut into the MMORPG market with a game tribute to the Firefly television show. According to the Ten Ton Hammer article I read, they don’t exactly have rights to the IP but they’re planning on going with fair use rights.


Interesting, so can you be a bounty hunter? Reaver? Man with blue hands? What are the character classes?

I didn’t see very much information on their website but then I didn’t sign up to see their forums yet.

As I sit here in my Serenity Sake shirt I have to say I will give it a chance. They have a great starting place with the story & universe and apparently they’re resurrecting Wash and Shepard Book. Perhaps it will be like SWG and start out great until the whiners who all want to be Jedi’s start complaining.

I’m afraid to get excited.
Oh what the hell -
OMG !! Very exciting. Hope they really do it.