[b]Thur November 6, 2014

9pm ET- Serenity (the Big Damn Movie)

Serenity is 2 hrs long.

Let’s break at 10pm, and resume at 10:15pm[/b]



Bump for tonight.

My internet has been spotty tonight but I’ll try to make it. I’ll probably need to watch straight through though.

Ok, no break, straight through.

Ok, starting- Universal, globe.

“Earth that was…”

:The savage outer planets…"

River: “We meddle…”

Ooow !! That hurt.

Not the answer she was looking for, River.

“The neural stripping…”
Sounds awful.

“She always did love to dance.”

Simon looks good with his hair swept back like that.

“Stop, back track”

Cool holo

Bit different than how Simon explained it originally, but awesome.

“An Operative of the Parliament”

“Madness? …it’s love.”

The good doctor’s life can now be measured in seconds.

The Operative is intimidating.

OOps, there’s a sword.

“This is a good death”