Firefly is back!

Well, kinda. It’s on the Science channel, now. But the same episodes that you’ve seen.


Hey, shouldn’t that be the “Syence Channel” or something?

I can only respond with a Solai original piece:

Kinda figured no new episodes, since at least Adam and Nathan are busy at the moment. Unfortunately, looks like Summer won’t be (again), and Chuck is always a bubble show.

Is there anyone who doesn’t own the DVD set by now?

they are betting those who already owns the DVDs will still stop and watch when they flip through the channels. Because they are dedicated enough to buy the DVDs…

and it’s true. I’ll almost always brave the incessant drag queen reality show commercials on Logo to watch a random Buffy episode :smiley:

Haha, this is why I love press releases. They describe it like it’s something brand new – genius!

And yeah, the only thing I’m more likely to stop and watch when flipping through channels would be Star Wars.

CNN has an article that interviews Nathan Fillian about Firefly being back on Cable:

Read this -


I’m surprised none of you are excited about the possible possibility of new Firefly!

Maybe I’m still too much of a noob to be taken seriously :stuck_out_tongue:

I doubt it has anything to do with you being a noob. Speaking for myself, I’m cynical about any effort like this actually working. Nathan Fillion did an interview first stating that if he won 300 million in the California Lottery he’d buy the Firefly rights so he could play Captain Mal again. Afterwards he tweeted about the California Lottery mailing him a free MegaMillions ticket and then this campaign to raise money started up. Extremely long shot for either working out well for the fans.

And CNN has a followup article on this too:

I’m definitely keeping an eye on the development of buying Firefly back for the creators/actors. I’d be happy to take part, even though I’m not a Browncoat, becuase I think the show had potential that it never got to reach. That being said, it’s definitely Whedon’s best effort at a show right from the start. Most of his other shows didn’t take off until Season 2, but Firefly seemed to know what it was about from Scene 1.

Patience, Padawan.

Still, Patrick Rothfuss is onboard, and is making a call for others in his position to pitch in.

As a dyed in the wool (is it dye or dyed?) Browncoat. I’d be in ecstasy if new Firefly were back on the air. But alas and alack I’m too jaded to have much hope of that happening. But I’d love to be surprised !!

And Welcome to the Forum James!

I can’t really see a re-uping of Firefly. Seems like Joss’s M.O. is to wash (ha!) his hands of a show once the network says Don’t-Let-The-Door-Hit-You-On-The-Way-Out.
And…I would hope that any network wouldn’t be stupid enough to try and bring back any Whedonverse show without Joss at the helm.
Though they are rebooting Buffy minus Joss… ugh.

As an old Star Trek fan, I remember the years that went by between the original series and the first movie. At that time nobody thought it would ever get done. Then they tried to end it with the first movie, 2nd movie (killing Spock), and the 3rd movie (destroying the Enterprise). My point is as long as there’s money to be made and the audience is there, there’s a good chance that someone will make the effort. There was a good interview with George Takei who talked about this subject. He pointed out that as long as the masses spoke, they’d continue to make Trek. I can’t remember when this interview was done but I wanted to say it was around the time of the 5th Trek movie.

I don’t know if anything will ever get done on this but at least it’s interesting to see if the browncoats can perform the reselection. In the end (IMO) this will be the deciding factor.

What would make the most sense to me would be for Joss to revist the universe he created with another ship and crew, I don’t see why it would have to be Serenity and Mal’s crew. I feel confident that Joss could create another cast of characters just as interesting as the ones we grew to love before.

What would be even more interesting would be an anthology show within that universe, that would be amazing. And even more interesting for Joss I believe, he could jump around and show the universe from multiple perspectives using many different characters viewpoints… Anyways, I think it would be wise to use a new crew until the contracts for the previous actors/actresses expire, once that happens it would be easy to fold the old crew into the already established new series.

I, for one, could be totally down for that.

Or do, in essence a Firefly: The Next Generation. Go to another ship a few years later…what happened in the 'verse once everyone knew what happened on Miranda? Would there be an uprising against the Alliance? etc.

I’m invested with River’s story though. I really want to know how she turned out and how many others are out there like her. Can she have some semblance of a normal life being so extraordinary? Also, I want to know about her brother, whether he ever gets his name cleared for rescuing her sister. Does his parents ever believe him or understand why he did what he did? But, then you wonder about Kaylee and then the rest of the crew.

I know Whedon never completely tie up all loose ends. His endings for Angel, Buffy, and Dollhouse are epic. Still, I think the old crew needs at least one more movie before moving on to another crew in the same universe.

But, that’s just me.

I have had the same thought, Omra. That universe is just so ripe with possibility for narrative and characters.

Also, Fastcart, I think it’s totally possible to do a show that touches on River and what happened to her and the rest of Serenity’s crew. Especially if a new series were set in the future, after Miranda. The signal went out–the world was going to change in some way. I also can see Simon Tam going on to do “big things” that would keep him in the public eye.

I’m basically just dreaming here, I don’t think that new Firefly is likely to happen. If so, I’ll be excited and ready to tune in, though.