Firefly intro redux

A couple of the io9 writer’s have recut the credits for Firefly (poor Simon got left out 'cause it was running long) check it out it’s awesome.

io9 article


It is indeed, THE OSSIM! Now I am all worked up and jonesing to rewatch the series…

I thot I recognized that music. Street Hawk, of course!!

suddenly it seems like a show from the 80s XD

What? No Simon? Nooooooooooo!

Wow, nice catch.

Jeebus, dude. I had to google it even after you IDed it.

Nice to know the next generation of movie trailer maker is alive and well, there will always be a job for someone to turn 90mins of garbage into 1 minute of pure gold:D

A friend at work is a huge Street Hawk fan (yeah, he’s the one). He asked me to check out one of the episodes (it had George Clooney in it). When I saw this I was like, “I know that. Where the frak do I know that from?” I thot it was from Airwolf or Automan or some kinda amalgam, so I cheated and read the i09 article.

Love that! Feel guilt that I loved it w/o Simon though.

The real challenge will be to 70sify it using: The Love Boat theme.

Captain Malcolm Stubing? And River can be Vicki.

Wash as Gopher?! LOL!! Welcome to the forum!

The reason Simon wasn’t in the intro…



That actually sounds good…

I actually like the idea that he got a spin-off show.

what’s Badger and Saffron going to do in that show tho? cause others bodily harm to help keep Simon’s job?

They come under his knife. It’s a Jayne moment every week.

River gueststars.

I can think of several things Saffron could do…
…I’m going to the “special hell”

Anyone know what 80s show that music was from?