Firefly Boardgame

Firefly: The Game, was announced at the New York Toy Fair. More info at the link-

It is here!

Only when I can BUY it is it here!!!


I’m not sure I want to invest in a game that would be finished in 14 turns…

Just played my 5th game of this with my wife. We did the Niska one, which was rough, but once you got a full crew it’s not too hard to avoid getting a warrant, and invoking Niska’s Pound of Flesh rule. We were racing all across the 'verse hiring crew, doing jobs, and trying to keep flying. At one point I had no credits and was down to my last fuel, but was able to finish a job and get paid to keep flying. She beat me by 1 turn… that’s 3 of the 5 wins for her, and the other two were with others and neither of us won them.

We love this game. If you haven’t picked it up yet I recommend it for all fans of the show. I thought this was a good review of the game:

You are more than welcome to buy it for me and send it…