finally got my mom to watch firefly

It’s been a journey as she is not prone to westerns or space. But I was at her house helping out and she was watching castle, and commented how she liked Nathan in the role, and I was like I have some dvd’s she could borrow of something else awesome he’s done,

Will let you all know how it goes.

Great idea. My mom loves Castle too.

Oh, interesting. Keep us posted.

Exciting! My Mom ended up loving Firefly (especially Captain Tightpants!) when we got it for her (and my Dad) on Blu-Ray. Pretty shiny.

Yeah, my Mom did too, and it happened pretty much the same way you’re describing.

She thought it was okay, not great or bad, she did think it was a hoot when she saw the horses.

And she liked badger.

For someone not invested in westerns of space that’s a positive win in my book:D

Everyone likes Badger, Mark Sheppard has quickly become one of my favourite actors with his eclectic and hectic guest star roles.