Favorite book series.

Ok, I’ve started a thread about your favorite book series. Mine is the pendragon series. Whats yours?

Book series? Öh! Hm. Good question.

I have shunned away from getting into entire series of books for quite a while now. Think the last actual series I read was the Jack Ryan series by Tom Clancy. And that was some time ago.

I love the Pern series by Anne McCaffrey. Although recently A Song of Ice and Fire by George RR Martin is gaining ground

Tolkien’s Rings
Asimov’s Foundation series
Shatner’s Odyssey

Did you read the entire Foundation series? Like, all there is?

Yes. Yes I did. All 15 novels. I don’t consider the stuff not written by Asimov. There were many Neo moments. [Neo]Whoa[/Neo]

Ok, it’s a girly series, but the Jamie & Claire books by Diana Gabaldon. Girl goes through the stones during Beltane in the 1950’s and ends up in Scotland in the 1750’s. These books are huge but I love 'em!

Craaaaaap, it must have been a suspensful series if it had 15 novels. no?

A song of Fire and ice, by George R.R Martin
Wheel of Time, by Robert Jordan
Old Mans War, by John Scalzi
The Dresden Files, by Jim Butcher
The 1632 series, by various authors

*LOTR Trilogy by JRR Tolkein
*The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher
*Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter by Laurell K. Hamilton (Yeah, I know. Most guys
don’t like that the series seems to have shifted it’s focus away from the
vampire hunting and toward the sex-life of the heroine. I don’t care. Some
of those “monsters” are hot.)
*Harry Potter by JKR (of course)
*The Hollows by Kim Harrison

And lots more. I’m never without a book, and LOVE series because the story just keeps going.

James Clavell: The Asian Saga

not sure that its an actual book series,but they kind of connect.

I just started with dune, i’m on messiah right now so still a little to early to decide, the writing is a little inelegant, but the story complexity is appealing so I’ll put it on my list

and tie me to stake and light me on fire if you want but i liked reading the vampire chronicles by Anne Rice

How did I forget that? Time to put the Abby Normel brain back in the jar.

I’ve read a ton of Trek novels over the years, but for some reason I’ve stayed away from the Shatner novels. Should I give 'em shot? Tell me, tell me, my Trekster friend.

In the Trek Original Series Episode “Menagerie, I think Commodore Pike should have had three codes on his wheelchair thingy.”
One flash means “yes.”
Two flashes means “no.”
Three flashes means “Oh yeah, Frakin’-on-Talos 4”.

Jumpin’ Bellyfat!! I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. A long time.

Regarding Shat. To be honest, his novels are joint efforts. If you like Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens (they’ve written a ton of Star Trek novels, probably a few you’ve read) then you’ll like Odyssey. It’s got a little bit of mythological themes in it. For example, instead of crossing the River Styx to exit Hades our hero Kirk resurrects from the depths of a Borg cube cesspool.

On the non-fiction shelf, his Star Trek memories stuff is hiliarious.

Thanks. I’ll have to check those out.
And by the way dude, what the frak are you doing up at this time of night?
Me, I’ve got an excuse: I’m travelling on business, so I’m on California time this week.

Eh, I liked 'em, too. I’m just ticked AR won’t be writing any more “evil” vampire stories. I hear she’s supposed to be writing a Christian conclusion to the story of Lestat and the Talamasca, complete with Lestat’s redemption, after she finishes her “Christ the Lord” series. shakes head Nothing against Christianity, but come on this is the same series that contains the book Memnoch the Devil!

Lord of the Rings
(of course)

Harry Potter

(yes, all of them)

(in high school I read ALL of them…30 or 40 of them)

Wrinkle in Time
High time to go back and re-read

Carl Hiaasen
(Carl is the author, there are many stories, same place…recuring characters…go pick up “Sick Puppy” today)

Tom Clancy
(best vacation/airplane reading ever)

William Gibson
(you know the drill)

Timothy Zahn
(post Star Wars stories VERY well done)

Enders Game & Bean series
(required reading for all scifi geeks)

Actually it makes sense. I mean sure she’s incorporating her own conversion into the characters but it does create tension and conflict with the story, characters, and factions. But as you mentioned, it’s a total turn-off to her fans. It does however open up to a whole new population. So welcome to America the land of opportunity, where marketing is key!!

I don’t know why this popped in my head, but it’s reminiscent of if Stephen King started writing for Teletubbies or Barney. Maybe I should post that in Bringing the stupid and asinine wanderings.

I’ll add Neal Stephenson. Aside from the Baroque Cycle (which I don’t recommend, actually), he doesn’t have a series per se, but all his books may be taking place in the same universe at different times.

Also me. Forgot these. Boy, my list is growing.