Fantasy Sci-fi Voting Round 3 - Date Night

Teams, I present to you your hardest challenge yet: Select a member of your team to go out on a successful date with George Clooney or Michelle Pfeiffer. Utilize the rest of your team as you see fit. At the end of the night your date must give you a kiss and say, “Thank you for a wonderful night”

  1. You may vote once a round
  2. You may vote for as many or few characters as you like
  3. Votes will not be public
  4. Poll closes on January 22th

The categories by team will be:

Originality, Entertainment, Teamwork, Thoughtfulness

defined by:

Originality: Is the solution unique and unexpected and cool?
Entertainment: Did the solution make you smile/laugh/fall on the floor?
Teamwork: Did it effectively utilize the entire team?
Thoughtfulness: Was it well planned out, do you believe it will work?

Sean has Thoughtfulness listed twice.

Thoughtfulness (Team Sean)
Originality (Team Sean)
Entertainment (Team Sean)
Teamwork (Team Sean)
Thoughtfulness (Team Sean)

heh, Solai is trying to “Vote Team Sean” even without knowing it!

I got this.

Marcus Wright borrows John Connor’s Ducati/MotoTerminator and shows up at Michelle Pfeiffer’s house through a blanket of fog provided by Plo Koon. He’s got his badass coat and for once doesn’t look like he was just in the middle of a firefight. They go to a super posh sushi place where Asuma uses his knives and crazy ninja skills to prepare some truly awesome sushi. Just as it arrives at their table a beam of light brings them to the main viewport room of the Daedelus in orbit.

To prepare for this challenge Dr. Meredith Rodney McKay studied up on mixology and has the perfect complimentary drink ready for them. Eating dinner with Earth from orbit as background they hit it off and by the end of the evening, beamed back down to Michelle Pfeiffer’s door step, she says the line and they make out a bit.

Oh yeah, he got her digits.

Step 1. Get drunk
Step 2. End up in Mexico
Step 3. Wake up in Australia
Step 4. ???
Step 5. Challenge Complete

Good catch, thank you. Working on Mother-in-law’s old computer after two days of cleaning a jam packed basement. Slightly delirious.

That’s right. You are twice as thotful. :smiley:

Translation: It takes Sean twice as much effort to be as thoughtful as the other hosts. d:

I always like to listen to the FSL several times before casting my vote so I thought while I was at it I would do an edited version. I also figured some people might be too busy to catch the full cast during the week but might be able to fit in something much shorter. The “Edited” version has the scenario and what each plan is with most of the jokes cut out. The “Full” version is all of the FSL discussion in the podcast beginning to end with no edits.

“Edit” - 14:03
GWC Podcast #203-FSL-Edit.mp3

“Full” - 24:27
GWC Podcast #203-FSL-Full.mp3

OK, my team is even less built for this than the Crue’s teams are. I mean Ba’al is the obvious choice to go out on the date, but the only ways I can see it working out are the various forms of mind control that they have.

I divided up my votes this week - everyone had a pretty good solution.

Team Old School Solution #3
Members: Doraemon, Kurama, Faye Valentine (not the stripper), and Dr. Slump(Senbei Norimaki)

I was just saying how it’s impossible to use Dr. Slump last week, but, ah ha! Perfect opportunity. Michelle Pfeiffer would be putty in his hands. How?

Well, Doraemon has a few gadgets that would help just about anyone get a rewarding date. First he gives Senbei translation konjac, which allows him to communicate in English with Michelle. Senbei has the ability to transform into a stud (for about 3 minutes), so he does just that. Wasting no time, he quickly makes his way next to Michelle (say, in a bar) and sprays her with Doraemon’s love spray (which makes anyone instantly attracted to the sprayer) He apologizes for it (“Oh, I’m so sorry, it’s my cologne. Are you all right? By the name, I’m Senbei” - a good conversation starter!). Instantly charmed by his exotic and charming good looks (well, he is Japanese. Exotic, right? :D), she quickly asks him if they could ‘hang’. By now, Senbei’s 3 minutes was up, and he’s back to his old chubby self, but Michelle is in love now! They take a romantic walk on the beach (which sparkled with Kurama’s lamp weeds), and Senbei entertains her with mad stories about his hometown. It really doesn’t matter what he says now anyway. :smiley: But how to ensure that Michelle would indeed utter the exact words at the end of the date? (She’d kiss him no doubt, but it’s a bit more tricky to get someone to say something verbatim, even when she’s in love) Senbei then takes out a box of chocolates - Doraemon’s Chocolate Hearts, which has the ability to make the second eater agree with everything or have the same idea the first eater says), and takes a bite. Then he feeds the rest of it to Michelle seductively. He takes her in his flabby arms, sprays her again with the love spray, just in case the effects were fading. “I love your scent on me!” Michelle exclaims. Looking into her eyes, he whispers, “Thank you for a wonderful evening, Michelle”. Michelle agrees and says “No, thank YOU for a wonderful evening, mysterious scientist!” and they snog til the break of dawn.

And where’s Faye all this time? Not to be outdone by Dr. Slump, Faye hangs in a card table in a casino when who should enter but George Clooney. Clooney is instantly attracted to someone as hot as Faye, but he is even more attracted to her when she kicks his ass in poker. They flirt endlessly at the table (which helps Faye win even more money). Happy with her winnings, she leans over and impulsively lays a kiss of Clooney. Clooney is a man after all, and reciprocates, thanking her for a wonderful evening. It was until the next day that Clooney realized that Faye stole his wallet, his car key, his car, his clothes and his jewellery. “Eh, it was worth it.”

Have you heard Cliff Simon speak? If not, go back and check out #184 where he was a guest. I’m guessing the accent alone would win you this round. :slight_smile:

Perfect Date!!!

George Clooney’s friends have hired Team Daisuke to set him up on the perfect date. They are worried about him not being able to form real romantic relationships because the people he dates don’t meet his high standards.

The team has secured a secluded restaurant on a beach in Hawaii. We got Sam on the piano covering Sinatra. Neytiri is providing perimeter defense to keep the paparazzi out. Pein has implanted the entire staff with chakra control rods (he can control their actions) to insure all goes correctly and that they don’t remember anything. Sen (T-1000) will be on the date.

Pein sends several staff members to pick Clooney up. One employee is able to snatch some hair or something from him. He runs it in when they arrive and gives it to Sen. He samples it and assumes to form of the only person on earth that George Clooney loves more then anyone, George Clooney! With all the info supplied by George’s friends (including Michelle Pfeiffer), Sen is able to anticipate and mirror Clooney completely. They have a wonderful evening talking, laughing and complimenting each other. After 5 hrs have past Clooney says, “Thank you for the most enjoyable night of my life”. Without thinking about it, almost out of instinct, he leaned in to kiss himself goodnight. After they broke apart Sen said,“You know, the night doesn’t have to be over”. Clooney began thinking about what his psychiatrist would say about all of this but decided he may never have this chance again. They walked together along the beach and weren’t seen again till morning. :wink:

:smiley: FYI - 3000th Post :smiley:

DrPepperSpew :eek: That’s frakkin hilarious!!

Yeah, but considering that you figured Anna’s personality might be a problem, I think Ba’al’s would be just as much of a turn off.

I’m still laughing at the visual of trying to get Conan to fit in the trunk of a Camaro.

Team Tibbs
Robot: Buffy Bot
Scientist: Toshiko Sato
Warrior: Dean Winchester
Alien: Ka D’Argo

“Clooney Comes To Cardiff,” read the Welsh headlines as the Hollywood star was coming to town to scout locations for the sequel to One Fine DayOne Great Night. Though Captain Harkness thought it would be best for him to show People’s Sexiest Man Alive around the capitol city, Ianto vetoed that idea and suggested that Miss Sato would be a better hostess. Much like Sam Carter, Tosh has done her research on Mr. Clooney so she knows all about his love for basketball, potbellied pigs and Italian palazzos, and prepares her conversational notes accordingly. Meanwhile, Dean would rather be out hunting Weevils but Tosh gets him to agree to be her chauffeur by promising to restore the Buffy Bot’s original sexbot programming. This gives her the benefit of a sweet ride in Dean’s '67 Impala plus Dean’s mad driving skillz that will help them to evade the paparazzi. The plan in place, Tosh gets the night off from Torchwood and D’Argo is left to deal with any lethal creatures that might slip through the Rift.

Tosh and George begin the evening with dinner at a swanky seaside restaurant. They then move to a conveniently placed American-themed bar for drinks and potato skins. Though shy and uncertain at first, Tosh soon succumbs to those warm brown eyes, crinkled by crow’s feet, and they dance the night away–Tosh with moves she learned while stuck in the 1940s and George with moves he learned while making Leatherheads. As this is the only man she’s been out with who isn’t undead or only alive for 24 hours, Tosh doesn’t want the evening to end so she asks George to walk her back to the fountain in the square whereupon she shows him the elevator entrance to Torchwood. George takes in all the sights and sounds of this otherwordly place, catches sight of the soaring pterodactyl and excitedly says he has an idea for Jurassic Park 4 that he must talk to Spielberg about right away.

Ianto offers them coffee but Clooney politely declines, saying that he has an early morning meeting with the producers and that his co-star Michelle Pfeiffer had been leaving strange messages about a man at her door wearing a shock collar and a loincloth, so he had better be going. Ever the gentleman, he kisses Tosh and thanks her for a wonderful evening. He takes one last sweeping look around the Torchwood hub, offering that it would be perfect for an American version of Red Dwarf, when D’Argo strikes him in the neck with the tip of his venomous tongue and the Hollywood hunk collapses to the concrete.

Since there are no lives in danger, no disasters to avert I see no reason why my team should participate in this challenge. I literally see no logical motivation for the characters to engage in this enterprise.

They return to helping with the repairs to the City Shinjuku’s infrastructure and removing the meteor from Challenge 1.

As for F Troop? That may be another story. Who knows…

My team could handle the date like this. Bruce Banner picks up Michelle Pfeiffer in a Lamborghini that Zeta bought with his unlimited credits (money). Basically Bruce uses Zeta to make it rain the whole night.

He takes her in a plane and shows her any beautiful location you can think of (niagara falls and whatnot). He gets her the best food then Guyver and Abin Sur put on ski-masks and pretend to rob them and Bruce “beats them up” and then Bruce takes her home where she gives him a kiss and says “Thank you for a wonderful evening”

(Extra credit with George Clooney) Zeta holo-projects as a hot woman (Zeta:“this is bull!@#$%”) and essentially does the same thing but when the night is done green lantern shoots his ring energy into his brain so instead of feeling the cold metal of Zeta he feels the best kiss of his life. Afterwards he says “Thank you for a wonderful evening” and goes in his house.

The team examines the mission together

Cameron: We need to send a person with actual dating experience. Kira?

Kira: what? me? oh, no no no… I am a mess with relationships.

Bennett: I can reprogram your brain. Or bring your mirror universe personality over. All you need is a treatment.

Kira: don’t you dare!

Cameron: So… what’s the plan.

Kira: Most guys like younger girls, let’s send in River. I’ll drive.

River: … thanks mom (roll eyes)

Cameron catches Clooney’s agent and Bennett implanted directions to set up the date. Kira takes River to George Clooney’s house in a Runabout. River dressed in elegant bajoran dress rang the door bell.

George: eh… cool ride. this is not a stolen prop is it?

River: no, it’s the Rubicon, registry NCC-72936. it’s a Danube-class Roundabout.

George: … right.

George suggested they head to a high class resort in Bora-bora. While in Transit.

(Cameron on the ear piece: River, this is called an uncomfortable silence. The correct strategy is to talk to him.)

River: The Danube can get there in 5 minutes. It can go faster, very fast, but traveling that fast in the atmosphere isn’t safe.

George: oh yeah? how fast can it go?

River: You ever have memories that isn’t yours in your head?

George: eh… i guess when I act, i have to create a background for the character which is like…

River: snow covers the hill, and the wind can’t peal away the skin.

George: hmm… right, … sure?

(silence ensues, Cameron turns to Bennett: The plan isn’t working… we need to go to Plan B)

Right after they entered the restaurant at the resort in Bora bora, Bennett pulls River anside and they switch places.

George: River, were you wearing glasses before?

Bennett: Yeah, people tend to not notice what i wear.

George: No, you look lovely with the glasses.

Bennett: Really? (blush)

George: by the way, what just happened to your arm?

Bennett: … my left arm is allergic to humidity… Anyway, you know, I think you could have developed a cure for the MacGregor’s Syndrome in Batman and Robin. All you need to do is take some Alfred’s blood, and analyze it with a spectrometer. Find out what kind of Ion contaminated Alfred’s blood. Then program the immune system to filter out the Ion once the pattern has been identified.

George: okay… not my proudest moments… and you sound a bit obsessed… right, excuse me, i am going to have to use the bathroom. (George Clooney leaves the seat hastily to yell at his agent over his cellphone)

Kira: forget it, this just isn’t working. Cameron, come in here and do your thing.

Cameron beams straight into the restaurant. When George Clooney returns, Cameron grabs his throat with her left hand and shoves him against the wall.

Cameron: Just say “Thank you for a wonderful evening”.

George: Holy crap… your arm! you can move it again.

Bennett and River joins Cameron by her side

River: just do what she says!

George: wait, there are THREE of you!?

Bennett: If you don’t, I can program you to say it.

George: choking Actually… girls, if i may… if the three of you join me in the hotel room, i am sure i will have a wonderful evening!"

The 3 girls all looks at each other and nods. Cameron puts George Clooney down.

Cameron: thank you for explaining.

They all walk to the hotel room. Mission accomplished.

You had me at your team card. Three Summer’s!!! I’ll be in the gutter for a while. Talk amongst yourselves. :cool:

Neat idea, but for the ‘full’ version, wouldn’t it work just as well to list the time that it starts in the cast?

best solution ever!