Faces to Names

Hello all!

For those of us attending the meetup, he’s a thread to start everyone off on putting faces to names!

Just in case anyone’s curious, this is me:
I answer to Juan, David, Tech Drew, “Big Canadian Head” (thanks Nikkie), and many other monikers.

Show your faces! :slight_smile:

This is me

I answer to Aset & Jeannie…among other things

Frenchie reporting in from paradise (Maui).

I am French Toast, Frenchie, or Kathryn. I often hang out with Bacon N Eggs.

I had a hard time finding a picture of me without my helmet on but here 'tis…

This is me (The one on the left!)

I answer to Jenni or juiceandbenny. I’ll be the one with the heavy Australian accent! :wink:

This is me, except my hair got longer. I may get it chopped short again soon. Lauren, Sith, Sithwitch, Zombie, I’ll answer to it and most often seen with my husband, who is tall.

I’m probably also bringing the hat.

Massively jealous of you Jenni…

Have a great time!

From a fellow antipodean…

This is me.

Responds to J-Bob or Hey You.

Just look for the guy that looks like the love child of Penn Jillette, from Pen & Teller, and The Comic Book Guy, from The Simpson in the loudest Hawaiian shirt in the room.

3-D glasses not required
Some assembly required
Offer void in Utah, Maine, and Wyoming

Has anyone ever told you that you bare a striking resemblance to Santa Claus?

Oh wait … my other left.

I’m Christy (AKA adanagirl). I live in Texas and welcome y’all to my state!

This is me, and the car that will hopefully get me to the meetup.

BTW, if you see that car on the highway with the hood up, stop and see if i need anything. Or just point and laugh as you whiz by;)

Hi all,

Forgive me, but how exactly do we add a picture. I see the “image” button but I’m not too sure what to do next.


There yo go that’s me!

But seriously folks

FYI: I’m not the stormtrooper

Here’s lookin’ at you GWC

I had to fiddle w/ it forever but I finally uploaded a pic to my tumblr and linked it to this using the image button.

Thank to Adanagirl and Perihelion for the info.

This is me from last year’s meet up the special guest.

I’ll answer to Richard, Rich, sometime Richie, maybe Kodiak. And of course “Hey You”

I fixed the picture in your post. If you click “Edit Post”, you’ll see what I did.

You need to strip out all the HTML and use just the URL of the picture itself (the part in quotes after img src=).

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

Thanks Badgerspoon.

This is me. I answer to Rachel, Rach, RAW, Apollymy, etc. I’ll be the one wearing flip-flops and carrying knitting needles.

oooh… knitting needles! Can you whip up a Jayne hat for me? I will bring Tim Tams as payment!!

I can’t wait to meet you & Jbob, my night shift buddies! :smiley:

Tim Tams? That’s high payment indeed!