Event Attire

We’ve had a few questions as to event attire. You’ll find more detail on the event pages, but here’s the lowdown:

Friday night’s party and live podcast is casual. Think going out to the movies. As with last year’s Friday event, costumes are also appropriate and encouraged. (We expect at least a couple of Colonial Marines and various Horribles.) If you want to show up Friday as your favorite (or most hated) character from your favorite show, go for it! If you’re planning to bring or wear weapons of any kind, be sure to let us know in advance. As with most events we’ll have a system to ensure their (and your) safety – as well as the hotel staff’s sanity.

Saturday night’s dining out (information coming soon) will be casual as well, though if you’d like to dress up you’re welcome to do so. Bottom line: you can show up in jeans and a t-shirt or a dress/suit and you’ll feel right at home. If you don’t want to pack dress clothes, don’t. If you enjoy dressing up, go for it. It’ll be fun. (Bonus: I’ll give you a quarter if you wear a tux. I’m not kidding.) Costumes (besides the tux) are not appropriate for this event.

Honestly the entire event will be casual, so don’t sweat it. Just be reasonable and have a good time. Obviously if any exceptions come up as we plan events for the remainder of the meetup you’ll be the first to know.

Would an Air Force mess dress uniform qualify? :slight_smile:

Sure, sir. It most definitely would. :slight_smile:

Viva la revolucion!!!

My gods, we have gone viral!


Was he at an American Idol audition?

Yes, yes he was. It was interesting, and seems to be catching on.

My dad has decided we should watch Idol this year, for the first time EVER.

There was a version that was overfeatured during the last round of NFL playoffs. Probably the AI version.