Eureka 4x18 This One Time at Space Camp...

Monday, 29 August 2011
8 PM Eastern/Pacific

I’m here. =)

And Eureka time!

This episode was made for Chuck - I can tell by the title. :smiley:

lol. Best of the best.

OK putting those brain scan things on them is freaky.

lol - best of the best

Sure looks like a lie detector!

uh oh, no memory filters? not a good sign…

That is COOL!

That thing looks like the SSV Normandy!!!

Somebody’s going to share a memory of how much they despise Win

oh I love Carter’s reaction to the memory recorder

I need a screen capture of Jack’s staypuff marshmallow man face :smiley:

What an aaaaaasssssssssss.

LOL Baby Zane has spiky hair

We finally get to see what make Zane the criminal he was.

Before you disperse? What planet is that teacher from?

Baby Zane is a hacker!!

And so cute he made his Dad into an astronaut