Eureka 4x17 Clash of the Titans

Monday, 22 August 2011
8 PM Eastern/Pacific

Kobiash Maru simulation.

Busted. Flirting.

Flower girl is back.

lol. Intimate alliance. Red flagged. lol. Relationship auditor.

hey-o! :slight_smile:

“I like to watch” hehe

I like to watch! I thought that’s what SARAH was for.

Faster than light travel to Titan. I love it.

Tiny had a little bit of a gas problem.

Well, that can’t be good.

I will do that…Doctor Blake. P-whipped.

the sooner we consummate, the sooner we concentrate


Crom I wish I would ahve had that offer EVER in my life…We should just have sex.

Umm, shouldn’t we be running AWAY from the eerie orange smoke?

Maybe it’s just all a big smokescreen to get rid of the relationship auditor.

oopsie. Watch that first step. It’s a doozie!

Is it a bad sign when your relationship auditor falls into a sinkhole?

Jack Carter is the smartest man you know? Wow - you are still delusional from being high-jacked, right?

… that the idea of a relationship auditor is preposterous?