Eureka 4x16 Of Mites and Men

Monday, 15 August 2011
8 PM Eastern/Pacific

And here we are :slight_smile:

of course Jack dotes on her

I love Jo’s “I passed” happy dance, I’ve totally done that lol

Just stand there & look pretty. hehe/grrr

Ming-Na in charge! hehehe. “That was politican speak. Do it.”

Sheriff in a suit? hmmmm.

Clothing in the chute? I’m suspicious

Wow, 8 minutes for an ED commercial.

Naked Level Q - wonder if this is going to be like the decon room on Enterprise?

I’m here. Must have missed the thread the first time i scrolled through.

At least the get naked room didn’t have his and hers bathtubs so we can be pretty sure it’s not a product placement gimmick. :wink:

You know, I think the Japanese did something similar when they chose their last round of astronaut candidates, except it was a slightly larger room…and there were about a dozen of them…and they got to keep their clothes on…and Fargo wasn’t in there with them :smiley:

Hi! With the new format, I find it’s easier to find frak parties in the Community drop down on the main page.

Yeah I had to search for it too.

“Eyes on the prize, we’re going to space” preach it, Jo!

I’ve ranted on twitter about the bathtub/ED commercials several times. I just don’t understand them.

LOL Fargo brings the hijinks no matter where he goes… see the previews for Warehouse 13.

OMG I totally just had a moment when I didn’t get that the doctor wasn’t from Eureka (oh SG:U I miss you)

Me neither, separate bathtubs are anti-sexy.

Nice to see the doctor made it off Destiny and back to Eureka.

Allison needs to take over as interim sherriff, since Jack’s stuck on GD security detail. :slight_smile:

OMG “…disappoints you, Number One”

HILARIOUS, a literal lol from me there

Make it so, Number One! Yeah TNG reference.