Eureka 4x12 Reprise

Monday, 18 July 2011
8 PM Eastern/Pacific

hehe! Fargo at the inquest! Felicia Day shows up! Crazy people in Eureka!

Vincent dancing around there kinda just made my day

Why does Ming-Na play witchy characters?

Felicia right off the bat?

Heh. Adorable.

“Does our Cylon spy have a name?”

Felicia Day is a Cylon! :eek:

LOL oh Fargo. I love your punches and kicks to Eye of the Tiger. :smiley:

I still can’t get used to non-catatonic Kevin.

Reminds me of the Supernatural video of Eye of the Tiger.

It’s cool that Allison gets to go to professional conferences and stuff. :slight_smile:

Except with less thigh air-guitar. :slight_smile:

OK Henry’s precious there. Husbands, pay attention :stuck_out_tongue: (wives, too. well partnered people in general)

“Looking good, Lupo.”

Look who’s talking. :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL a TARDIS house! love it!

Jo = kickass

If any town could have one… :slight_smile:

oh Fargo that was evil. She seemed nice, and on your side, dude.

Fargo! Ruthless much?!?

Noooo… Not Felicia!

“What did you do?”
“Got rid of her. It’s for the best. So, who wants breakfast?”

Note to self: Don’t fuck with Fargo. :eek:

Btw, this is my first (and a fifth of an episode of last week) episode of this series.