Eureka 4x09 I'll Be Seeing You

Friday, 10 September 2010
9 PM Eastern/Pacific

You can tell it’s the '40s, because the whole world was sepia-toned. :slight_smile:

About frakkin’ time. :slight_smile:

“Einstein was a visionary. You’ll be a god.”

Yeah, that’ll turn out well. :eek:

“You are very big and smart.” :smiley:

If there’s nothing there, and it’s emitting no radiation, wouldn’t that mean it’s invisible?

I thot you were scientists. :rolleyes:

Oh my gods, they killed [spoiler]Alison![/spoiler] You bastards! :eek:

“What did this?”

Your happiness, obviously. :stuck_out_tongue:

Rock smash machine! Rock smash!

mmm, Caveman Jack! :stuck_out_tongue:

Time Travel gets so messy. :eek:

“And they have… a plan.”

We’ll see. :rolleyes:

Just a wild guess here, but I think they’ll set the timeline right again, bringing Alison back to life, along with Nathan. :eek:

Being Human? Sweet!

Sorry I’m late. Been a wild and crazy day!! Even had some old ladies hit on me. WooT!

Oh? Do tell. :slight_smile:

Well, guess I was wrong.

So far.

Nathan’s definitely coming back, eventually.

I hope.

On my way home from foraging dinner, I passed an old peoples home. These two biddies were outside and they were totally checking me out. I mentioned it on Twitter and as you can imagine, hijinks ensued.

If I ever lose my job, I will be joining the world’s oldest profession. BKitty was kind enough to post a link to Fred Garvin, male prostitute.

BTW, which version of E.T. do you have? Extended 2002 or Original?

Awkward. :eek:

Zane has somehow become hotter as the season progressed.

I think they’re actually tailoring his t-shirts to be as tight as physically possible.

Not that I’m complaining, mind you. :rolleyes:


No idea. It’s 1:52:28, if that helps.