Eureka 4x08 The Ex-files

Friday, 27 August 2010
9 PM Eastern/Pacific

Holy craaap. They built a Death Star! :eek:

OMGs! Nathan’s a zombie! Shoot him in the head! :eek:

“You’re dead! Undead!”
“Nope, not a vampire.” :smiley:

Poor Andy.

I knew it! They can’t see the others.

Kind of creepy that Fargo’s ex is a little girl. :eek:

“And a ten-year-old girl… uh, it’s less creepy than it sounds.” :smiley:

Beverly! Grrr… :mad:

Could Zane’s shirts get much tighter? Not complaining, just wondering. :stuck_out_tongue:

“Put a shirt on!”
“Hey, this is your fantasy, not mine.” :smiley:

Looking good, Nathan. :stuck_out_tongue:

“I likey the barf.”

Aw, I miss Stark. I wish he’d actually come back for real. :frowning:

“Whoever is doing it has thought of everything.”

Except for the serendipitous blundering of Jack Carter. :stuck_out_tongue:

She’s not over it. Not by a long shot.

What’s your agenda, Beverly?

Was there a comment about hallucinating a woman in a red dress???

“Tall leggy blonde, slinky red dress”. Hilarious.

Ah, yes. Indeed.


i’m watching the episode right now on FOX. Just chanced upon this blog; many cool pictures and inside scoops. Go check it out!

PS I’m surprised that no one mentioned James Callis’ cameo (come on, this is the GWC forum!), and also that everybody’s seeing head characters including James’ character!

Hmmm, I believe Beverly that GD would test such a dangerous device. But she also could try to get it into her hands.

Nathan Stark being back?! Ok, what is going on? The same with Tess. :eek:

I get the feeling that Jo is envisioning Zane and Grant envisioning Beverly. EDIT: Right, and Fargo the girl.