Eureka 4x06 Momstrosity

Friday, 13 August 2010
9 PM Eastern/Pacific

Claudia called Fargo, “Fargonator” and now in this episode Fargo uses the Terminator’s line, “Come with me if you want to live.”

AI run wild. There’s a new concept.

At this moment my puppy is taunting me. She has one of my daughter’s toys. She runs in shows me she has it then runs in the other room when I get up. Why would AI act any different?

Jo in the shower.


Oh no! It’s Johnny Five!!

“…for an instrument of wrong-doing.”

There is nothing wrong with watching Jo in the shower.

Um, what did Deputy Andy just touch on Sarah?

Deputy Andy just interfaced with Sarah…

…in the wrong hole! :eek:

OK. Little Johnny 5 is cute. I want one, even if it kills me in my sleep.

She does have two. That happens sometimes.

“…recovers lost memories.”

Um, Uh-oh! This is not a good idea.

Henry, you are not supposed to tell any one this info.

Yeah, guys pull that one on women all the time. :rolleyes:

It is so difficult to take Henry seriously with that thing on his head.

ETA: And now we know why he left it on. Plot device.

What with the getting a puppy and all.

Hi all,
I am late again.

Henry has obviously never read about a Woman’s scorn.

They are calling Johnny 5 an EMO? Should it be in black?

boys play nice not likely.

I didn’t trust Dr. Trevor before and I thot it was cause he is Baltar. But now I know I don’t trust him.

Buffy has a sexy voice. I Juant to camp with Fargo.