Eureka 4x05 Crossing Over

Friday, 6 August 2010
9 PM Eastern/Pacific

Hello, anyone.

Roadside cafe? Nice. :slight_smile:

“'Sup, bitches?” :smiley:

A red carpet and all the fixings and she says hello bitches.

He is up to the 70s.

The mixed metaphors of different eras coming out of the fragile body of Gaius Frakkin’ Baltar is blowing my little mind. :eek:

Reminding myself it is not Baltar is hard on my mind.

:eek: Cthulhu has returned! :eek:

“Please tell me you kept the uniform.”

Not surprised Fargo likes role-play.

She needs to come out of her shell, yay sure.

The machines are forcing Baltar to stop smoking! :eek:

Allison is my favorite.


I’m finally here!


Hooray! Just like the new phonebook! :slight_smile:

So wait, Claudia is on this show and the timeline. Which timeline is Warehouse 13? ouch brain hurt from time travel

Second-hand smoke killed Jo! :eek:

Considering the quasi-supernatural nature of the Warehouse, it may transcend temporal distortions.

Alt-Zane is at Jo’s bedside?

aww… :o

Wait, what’d I miss? Zane is checking on Jo?

Wow, well said.