Eureka 4x03 All the Rage

Friday, 23 July 2010
9 PM Eastern/Pacific

Aw, that all makes more sense now.

They really should have started the season with the recap, too.

Nice start to help clear up any confusion.

Evil Wil Wheaton! :eek:

Zane obviously is handing out tickets to the gun show. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yellow slime.

I just got caught up with the encore of the last episode. I predict that this is not going to be a fun episode for Fargo.

Zane smash!!! :eek:

Wil Wheaton is a dick! :eek:

Hey all.

First wrong tool Henry.
Next, When Henry is scared, it’s time to run.

Yet again I would have missed who Wil was. It must be the beard.

Jack always gets hit. Did he skip the day they covered ducking in cop school?

Wil Wheaton is hilarious!

I would think so.

Hulk juice?

Jo angry! Crush puny scientist! :smiley:

Jo does not need any juice to help to crush scientist.

As the 1947 troops found out, Jo can crush many puny humans!

and not so puny humans. :rolleyes:

So why are all the computers acting all funky?