Eureka 3x15 Shower the People

Join us August 21, 2009 at 8pm CDT.

I’m glad the sheriff has a new love interest

Steeling Kim.

I’m Here! So genius blond has a crush on “Dr. Manly” :wink:

I think this show is gonna send Henry to a dark place

Eureka is an amazing place where everyone is a Genius and also very pretty.



That baby monitor sounds horrible!!

Car did not look good. Must have been some storm.

I see the spin off now. Fargo M.E.

He could join CSI.

I’m kinda not keen on the Fargo as M.E. idea.

No keeping secrets in this town.

She is sweating a whole lot…like is she gonna sweat enough to drown herself…ewww

Talking about bad smells. Maybe they are all connected to the baby?

Like I said last week, Eurika has as high a death rate as Sunnydale.

Im thinking mimosa in combination with the sup0er bottle.

Does Eurika need Buffy?

But per capita Eureka is a much deadlier place

Sounds good since it was brought up that not everyone drank it. The Sheriff did not drink it with the lid on also.