Eureka 3x14 Ship Happens

Join us August 14, 2009 at 8pm CDT.

I’m here. So Henry made a faster than light spaceship.

HI all. Hope you had a good week.

Henry: “Suck it, Einstein!” :smiley:

If there were anyone that had the chops to tell Einstein to suck it, it would be Henry. :smiley:

Is Kim the woman that was Hery’s babe that died in that Artifact accident a few seasons ago?

Yup. Not only can he beat the speed of light, he’s now defeated death.

Watching Carter deal with the angry crowd, reminds way too much of work.

The organic computer reminds me of the “desktop” of the Cylon baseships.

mmm, toasty! :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s what I was thinking.

Also, It looks like Eureka has the same death rate as Sunnydale. Why do people want to live there? :slight_smile:

What does Henry not know? He can build starships AND do autopsies.

Robo-Kim is hiding something…

Another call. I am not picking up the phone till 10.

Answering machings are great wonders of technology. :smiley:

Family, what can I do they know I have no night life and will be home. :eek:

I don’t think she is hiding something, but she might not know if it is actually her that is creating the problem or something else.

She is sharing information her way and human brain can not handle it.

Rather deep for this show.

High tech masks that Henry created. When does that man have time to breath?