Eureka 3x13 If You Build It...

Join us August 7, 2009 at 8pm CDT.

Very subtle product placement there. :slight_smile:

you mean the car? yeah. I do love the self driving cars

I’m here and having dinner. What did I miss?


I think i saw the remote to my bedroom tv in that stuff…

Specifically Jo’s car…

Happy birthday, BTW! :stuck_out_tongue:

Rocket 'sploded, miscellaneous stuff conglomerating, weird signal thing on its way.

Thank you:D

Ok why doesn’t he put Tabitha in the new car?

its children of the Earth

Because then that subplot wouldn’t last until the end of the episode. :smiley:

I’m interested to see thier take on alien zombie kids.

you are truly wise…Badgerspoon-son…

They. Are. Coming. :eek:

There always a way to spin it. Like Tabitha not liking her new body

i’m gonna get a cocktail… anybody need anything?

Why does everyone call me when I need to watch a program with all of you?

No thanks already have one. Margarita yumm

first… your popular

second… they don’t have good taste in tv

Mine’s Irish whiskey and water…

It was my bro! I did try to educate him.