Eric Stoltz was the original Marty McFly

I found this interesting video on today. Not sure if it’s already been discussed.

I certainly already knew, but I’d only seen stills of actual footage. I think they made the right call in working out Fox’ schedule, because he brings more levity to the role.

Also, Eric Stoltz invented Cylons, which is so not cool.

And in the alternate universe on Fringe…Stoltz IS Matry

And in that universe, does Micheal J. Fox play Dr. Daniel Graystone on Caprica? (something to think about)

Michael J. Fox and Sonny Bono star in Mask.


Saturday Night Live presents the rest of the 1984 audition tapes, including Robin Williams, Al Pacino, Eddie Murphy, and others…

Still catching up with the series, but I just saw that one last night. Brilliant. :stuck_out_tongue: