Epitaph One/Unaired pilot Dollhouse

Oh fox you lovable knuckle heads, I just go my blue ray Dollhouse season 1, (and your welcome for my hard earned money) I finally got to see the original pilot and Epitaph one. See You start the series with this focus on characters, story and creating a world, and not just Eliza in a short skirt on a motorcycle. And it will go over much better… sigh… but I did say lovable fox cause you plucky folks pulled through in the end gave our girl a chance. But i will say that there choice not to air epitaph One eludes me i mean they paid for it. its awesome, in possibly the best episode they made kind of way; and all there running right now is reruns. so why not air it?

oh well the whole thing makes me a tad on the confused side of normal.

Still epitaph one kicked all kinds of butt.

I didn’t feel that way about Epitaph at all. It felt like a huge leap from the season finale that I’d be pretty upset if the series ended with it. I’m glad we’ll have season 2, but I hope we don’t see a LOST time sandwich though.

No I agree on the giant leap thing, I really don’t want to see them move to the future time accept maybe something like webisodes, or a miniseries. I just loved the twist with people stealing bodies and turning it into a weapon. why cause its close enough to my secret geek wish in the deepest reaches of my grey matter. Joss dong a show with zombies. I mean we came so close with firefly. but here we are again. mindless killing machines.

okay i’ll put my geek away for awhile thank you for you endulgence

Well it’s clear from S1 (without looking at Epitaph) that someone higher up has a plan.

For those who want to see the episode and can’t wait to buy/rent the DVD, it’s now available to watch on Amazon ($1.99).

Epitaph One

And it’s finally showed up on iTunes too. I really enjoyed this story, with its twists and the always entertaining creepy kid. The most gut-wrenching part for me was Topher. This was Fran Krantz’s strongest performance by far. And my love for Amy Acker grows…

Ditto. I also loved seeing Post-Attic Mr. Dominic again.

And, I just checked out iTunes and Fox is also offering a Dollhouse ‘Starter Pack’ of episodes 1-5, to attract people who didn’t watch the show.

That’s just…ewwww! Bad idea!

Agreed… the first part of the season is the weakest… why are they promoting that? Those are the episodes where Dollhouse lost viewers. They should be promoting Episodes 5-6 onward.

It’s gonna be interesting… I wonder what kind of influence BSG will have on Dollhouse, and other scif stories.

I can’t quite decide what I think of Epitaph. I like it, but I’m wondering how the events shown are going to play out. I remember when I was watching it live, that it seemed like a finale of sorts. Epitaph is what we would have been left with had there been no season 2. Are the events in Epitaph what Joss intended at the time, or were these events indicative of how the series would have ended, say, in Season 5-6? In other words, did we get a sneak peak of how Joss would have ended the show, had he not been picked up? And now that Dollhouse has been renewed, are these events going to be ignored? Or will they actually play out?

It’s just that the events of Epitaph are so crazy forward-looking, they are almost out of place in the context of the series. I wonder if they were all part of the Dollhouse main story arc from the beginning. Or will they just be ignored, and Epitaph be considered a “stand-alone” episode of the series, a “possible future”?

What intrigues me is the title. It implies that there is more than one possible ending (to the series? of a character?). Will there be a second Epitaph (ending)? A Third? Assuming we get 5-6 seasons, will there be an different possible Epitaph for each? And how can a series have more than one ending? Like a fraking Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Book?

All I got are more questions. That’s a good sign in a TV series.

I was thinking more along the lines of making the un-aired pilot available in a package with Epitaph One. But I bet they think that people would be less likely to buy the DVD if they took that approach.

Nevermind the fact that more viewers=more seasons=more DVD sales, because that just makes too much sense.

I for one stopped watching the show around 3-4ish. But I really enjoyed Epitaph One so I’ll probably go back and watch the rest of the first season soonish

Will the next “Epitaph” part be available only after the next season?

I agree with DawnAZ. Given, Whedon’s history with Fox, I’m guessing the “Epitaph” set is meant as a back-up plan. If it had been cancelled, this story offers the fans an ending of sorts.

It also suggests there is a larger arc. There are moments in this episode that foreshadow (“backshadow”?) yet-unseen stories we expect to see in seasons 2 and beyond. A teaser for the network deciders.

There’s lots of room to expand on the Dollhouse universe in the coming one or two seasons. Interactions with the other (at least 10) dollhouses…the further adventures of Omega…Dewitt’s moral quandaries…

…more Whiskey, please.

I just finished Epitaph One and I have to say I was blown away. Leave it to Joss in one hour to take the world and turn it upside, redefine it, give us an entirely new universe with new language and meaning and take everything you know and turn it inside out.

This is the Joss I know (granted, it was written by Jed and Maurissa, but Joss has final say).

Seriously, this was a beautifully constructed story. If I had to do it all over again I would watch this as the pilot as then start walking through the series.

I stopped watching at 5 when it was running because I was also watching The Clone Wars and I kept getting annoyed at only seeing half the episode and never getting the chance to catch up during the week, but I’ve been marathoning my DVDs this past week and HOLY CRAP. I think I cried at least once per episode from episode 6 onward (…I might be a little emotional lately, I also cried when I finished “The Beatles: Rockband” and when I heard a song about Star Wars) and I absolutely loved Epitaph One. I can’t wait for S2 to be on so I can start picking out how things are going to flow into that scenario.