Eliza Dushku on Letterman tonight

As the title says, Eliza Dushku will be on the Late show tonight. I’ll try to post a video when one is available.


I don’t know why Letterman stayed on the hunting subject when it’s obvious she’d rather talk about something else. Kind of a wasted interview.

it’s fun to see how differently she carries herself now compares to her 2002 interview…

I liked Leterman in junior high school… but as an adult, I finaly see why my parents hated him. He is a kinda a dick. ( I say kinda cause he likes my Colts!)

He won’t see her for another 7 years I think.

the problem i have with Dave is that he doesn’t seem like he is interested in anything happening now anymore. And his enegy level is very low nowadays…

Like he is still makeing Sarah Pallin jokes 11 months later… like anybody cares anymore.

I do feel some sympathy for him because he can’t make politician sex jokes anymore. d:

i thought he handled that relatively well. I also liked his interview with the guy that played Frasier and had an heart attack.

But most of the time I have a hard time enjoying The Late Show, especially the interviews…

I really just wait for the Late Late with Craig…

So let me get this straight, Letterman was interviewing someone who plays a character programmed to have affairs with rich and powerful men. What could possibly go wrong? :slight_smile:

Ferguson is so much better than Letterman.

Ah, that’s why he stayed on bow hunting! Makes sense now. (:

I have not watched Dave in a long time. Question, Is he always this bad now?
He could not have been less prepared for that interview.

yes, almost always when it comes to people from Entertainment.

Powerful??? This is the guy that ws defeated by Jay Leno for the tonight show gig despite the fact that he had a contract and the rateings!?! Powerful? no… not hardly, that’s why he is on cbs at night…