Dollhouse Star Enver Gjokaj's New Webseries Channels Twin Peaks

[Dollhouse Star Enver Gjokaj’s New Webseries Channels Twin Peaks


Enver Gjokaj played Victor (and a whole bunch of other characters) on Joss Whedon’s
much-missed show Dollhouse. Now he’s following in Whedon’s footsteps, launching a new
webseries called Previously On Point Dume. He told us it’s “Twin Peaks meets Clue.”

Previously On Point Dume’s first brief video taste will go online on Monday, via FunnyOrDie,
but we got a sneak peek at it, and a chance to talk to one of our favorite Dollhouse stars.
Point Dume is a made-up soap opera about a community full of tawdry secrets, in which
strange supernatural events are happening and the dead sometimes rise again. It’s
hilarious and tongue in cheek, with just the right amount of campiness and silliness —
it did remind me a lot of Clue, actually.

Dollhouse Star Enver Gjokaj’s New Webseries Channels Twin Peaks


Good that we’ll see him again in some capacity.

Woot! I was a mega, super duper Twin Peaks fan!

yay, great actor did not go unnoticed!

cool, thanks for sharing this :slight_smile:

The first taste is up at

I’m confused after watching it. LOL