Dollhouse on DVD/Bluray

I think a rewatch is in order!

We should put it on our Friday night schedule starting two weeks after it is released. :slight_smile:

But did it somehow make it to a second season? Anyone heard? This show got suddenly really good at the end and I wouldn’t mind more of it after all.

I read somewhere (and I don’t remember where, might have been on Twitter (nudge ;))) that the schedule is being released the 18th. Fingers crossed!

I’m being cautiously optimistic as well!

Seriously! A month ago I could go either way, but the last three episodes (okay, since I’ve been out of town I didn’t catch the finale yet…shhh, no spoilers!) were fantastic (especially the reveal of Alpha).

I really hope it gets picked up too. It got very interesting in the end. Did anyone watch Nathan Fillion’s show Castle? 13 year old BrettAZ (my lone Firefly fan in the house) and I LOVE Castle.