doll house/bsg double header

very excited to learn out here dollhouse at 9 on fox then bsg (for what a month or so) at 10pm…tgif indeed!

have they announced the air date for dollhouse?

According to the Fox website, the premiere’s set for February 13.

Can’t wait! Dollhouse and BSG in one night might just be more awesome than I can take. We must frak party.


Indeed, Dollhouse+Terminator+BSG makes Friday a great night for my DVR. Here’s an… interesting?.. Tarantinesque promo for both Dollhouse and Terminator:


I’m sooo happy to have Joss back! Warms the heart, I tells ya

I especially like the “El Fuego your Friday” line in the promo. Can’t wait!

I am really excited for Dollhouse. I’ll probably watch it on hulu most weeks post-BSG since I’ll happily returning to a Friday night social life, but I will SO be there for the double frak parties while they last. Yay!

Too much awesome for one night to handle…I’m excited!

Knowing Fox, maybe less than a month