"Deluxe Reissues" Take You Deep into Dungeons & Dragons History

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"For my money, the coolest reprints are the adventure collections. D&D adventures, or “modules” used to come out as linked series, and the reprints collect all the entries in a series into one hardcover package. The A-series, Against the Slave Lords, even includes a new adventure that allows you to start off with level one characters. The S-series, Dungeons of Dread, includes classics like “Tomb of Horrors” and “Expedition to the Barrier Peaks.” – article quote

Got to admit, I just like to peruse D&D stuff now. No time to play such things, but always a trip down memory lane :slight_smile:


Serendipity …

Experts Believe They’ve Uncovered the Earliest Known Version of D&D.

Really interesting stuff ( imho ).


“Tomb of Horrors can Suck It”! ( angry teenage me ).