Defiance Episode 1.10 The Bride Wore Black *** SPOILERS***

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[i]The episode starts with the bachelor party of Alak (Jesse Rath), where a dead body (skeleton) is being discovered by accident but no one knows who is. Tommy (Dewshane Williams) recognizes the body by the ring the dead man was wearing. The man is Hunter Bell (Brendan McCarthy), the previous owner of the Need/Want bar and abusive husband of Kenya (Mia Kirshner), who went missing seven years ago.

Nolan’s (Grant Bowler) first suspicions go to Amanda (Julie Benz) and Kenya and for that reason he wants to let the case go but Tommy, who was helped in the past by Hunter Bell, doesn’t want that. He goes back to the place where the skeleton was found to search for any missing clues. Irisa (Stephanie Leonidas) joins him in his research. The two of them discover hair of Liberata in the scene and they immediately suspect the barman of Need/Want, Jered (Jessica Nichols), who was working in the bar back then when Hunter Bell was disappeared.

Tommy and Irisa go to Jered’s home to question her but they find her dead. From the way she was killed, they suspect that Datak (Tony Curran) is behind the murder who probably killed Jered because she knew something and didn’t want her to talk. Nolan arrests Datak but soon lets him free. Knowing Datak and how he acts, Nolan never believed he was the murderer and he only arrested him so he can lead them to the real killer.

In the meantime, via flashbacks, we find out that Nicky (Fionnula Flanagan) is not a human but an Indogene disguised in human. Hunter Bell had witnessed one of her meetings with Doc Yewll (Trenna Keating) and Nicky, not wanting him to expose her, she killed him. Jered witnessed the murder back then. Now that the dead body was found, Nicky kills her too so she won’t talk.

When Yewll finds out about Jered’s murder, she realizes that Nicky is out of control and that she is not acting anymore “for the greater good” as she was always saying. Yewll kills Nicky because it’s the only way to stop her. Later, Nolan and Tommy find her body in her car - Yewll made it look like a suicide - with a note that Nicky supposedly wrote, confessing about both murders.

Meanwhile, Rafe (Graham Greene) realizes why Datak gave his permission to Alak to marry Christie (Nicole Muñoz) and he is letting him know that after his death the mines are not going to Christie but to Iraths. Datak, after hearing that, wants to cut off the wedding. When he tells Alak, Alak goes to Christie’s house to let her know about his dad changing his mind. After a talk though Alak has with Rafe, Alak doesn’t cut off the wedding.

The episode ends with the wedding and Nolan and Tommy solving the murders case by finding Nicky’s body. Now that Nicky is dead, Yewll is the one who has the artifact and she hides it so no one can find it.[/i]

Please utilize this thread to discuss the series 10th episode, “The Bride Wore Black.”

With this episode the series really peaked my interest. Eloise Hawking (the old Lady, only remember her character from LOST) seems like she is an alien disguised as a human and the Doctor taking care of her looks like they were aiming for a common goal, but Doc had to kill her off since she was a security risk. Now how big is the group who plans to do something with this artifact?

Another solid episode, focused more on advancing and tying up some of the plot lines and building some of the interpersonal relationships. Great that the writers could show that intrigue can drive the series as well as traditional sci-fi elements.

I’m glad the mayor Nicky issue was resolved. Her potential for crating mayhem now that she had the artifact was kinda creepy, and I’m glad that Doc Yewll is doing the right thing and trying to move on in her role as healer as she put it. I’m really curious to see how her character develops, and also to see if the whole Indogene sleeper agent plotline shows up again.

I’m REALLLLLYYY excited for the Season Final tonight…the mayor election…what the hell this Ark-tech can really do…the strain in Alak and Christie (seen last week too)…this is shaping up to something BIG tonight!!

Hurry up guys and get caught up!!!

I’m so glad that this episode was so much more than a simple teen angst/love/lust story. Sure, there were issues with the wedding but it was mostly focusing on the town around them while the kids really had no idea what was going on around them.

I actually feel sorry for Christie. The only one she had supporting her at the wedding of her old family was her father. Her mother wasn’t there, neither of her brothers were there, and Nicky wasn’t there. I get that people in this new world are accustomed to loss but this must have been a difficult day for her.

The only story line associated with the lack of people there was Nicky. And she wasn’t there because she had killed Hunter Bill and Jered and was becoming increasingly dangerous. She was an Indogene after all! That plot was very well crafted from the beginning of the show and it answered a lot of questions, but now that Nicky is gone it opens the door to whomever she was working with.

Without Nicky and her endorsement, Amanada’s chances at being elected took a gigantic nosedive. Not that it would have helped with her killing Hunter Bill and Jered but now Amanda hardly has anything to stand on in her election fight with Datak.

I found this episode interesting in how it exposed limitations in both Kenya and Stahma. Despite her best efforts Stahma could not convince Datak to allow the wedding. Stahma realized the strategic importance of the wedding and helped whenver she could, including making Christie’s veil, but it wasn’t enough. In the end it was Rafe himself that pushed it forward because Christie loved Alak and Alak loved Christie.

Kenya’s limitations were also exposed in that she allowed herself to be a victim of domestic violence. She just isn’t the complete master manipulator that I thought she might be.

Rafe announcement of the mines being placed in an Irathient trust was interesting. In fact, it may be the key to the town’s long term survival. It firmly places the Irathients with an interest in the continuance of Defiance - which might come into play someday.

Doc Yewll’s possession of the artifact and Quentin’s keycard is definitely interesting. Nothing good can come of it unless Yewll comes clean and announces it to everyone. We certainly haven’t seen the last of this story line.

I have not felt this interested in a TV show since BSG. This episode in particular awakened those cherished emotions. Orchestrated brilliantly. Bravo! Bravo!

Each episode gets better. In my opinion the production team artfully and skillfully negotiated the difficult task of creating/introducing a new universe, setting up multiple interweaving and captivating plot lines, and introducing the characters. There is very little in this series that feels like setup but at the same time there is a ton of backstory explained and available in the game too. Even subtle character dialog or actions have great meaning. This series rivals the current great series like Walking Dead or Game Of Thrones and IN MY OPINION is even better because the value of life is cherished by all, especially in Defiance, considering what everyone have been through. But that’s just my opinion.