Defiance Episode 1.10 Past Is Prologue *** SPOILERS***

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[i]During a public debate between Datak (Tony Curran) and Amanda (Julie Benz) Nolan (Grant Bowler) shoots and kills a young Castithan aiming a rifle at the stage. However the apparent assassination attempt is revealed to be a prank set up by Alak (Jesse Rath), and the dead ‘shooter’ one of his friends. The event makes people question Nolan’s position as the Lawkeeper of Defiance. Datak seizes the opportunity to oust Nolan as Lawkeeper, secretly contacting the Earth Republic he digs up dirt on Nolan’s past as a marine in the pale wars. He then publicly broadcasts his finding via the radio station as Nolan tries to make amends with the dead youth’s family.

Nolan, after seeing his past coming to light, goes to Amanda’s office and resigns. Later, he confronts Datak and they get into a fight. Irisa (Stephanie Leonidas) stops Nolan just short of killing Datak, and the two decided to leave Defiance.

Alak ponders his role in his friend’s death since his father was the one who suggested the prank. He asks his father why he suggested it knowing that Nolan would probably kill him, however his parents stop him from inquiring further. Later Alak tries to give his respects to his friend’s parents but they reject him. While out he is assaulted by a group of men on Rafe’s (Graham Greene) order. He warns Alak that he is disappointed in him for what he did, and is beginning to question letting him marry Christie (Nicole Muñoz). He leaves Alak saying that the next time he disappoints him he will have him killed.

Meanwhile, Kenya (Mia Kirshner) goes to the Tarr residence to see Stahma (Jaime Murray). Kenya accuses her of knowing that Datak set up Nolan, asking how she can love a man who’d sacrifice an innocent child for his own gain. Stahma explains that she loves Datak because of how cold and ruthless he is not for being kind. Kenya berates her for being just like Datak and threatens to expose their relationship to the town. Doing it to hurt Stahma rather than to affect their respective family’s political standings. Stahma acts unfazed to dissuade Kenya, knowing how damaging the truth would be to her reputation and marriage, turning her back on her. Datak meets an Earth Republic official, planning to grant ER the town’s mines once he becomes the new mayor in exchange for their support.

Yewll (Trenna Keating), meanwhile is making some kind of experiments on the gold artifact she took from Nicki. In the process she finds that the artifact is connected to Irisa, causing her great pain each time it is activated. As Nolan and Irisa prepare to leave, Yewll activates the device, Irisa collapses and Nolan brings her to Yewll’s office. After telling Nolan to stay outside, she operates on Irisa’s back and finds strand like appendages coming out of her and connecting with ones coming from the gold artifact.
During the “operation”, Irisa has a vision of when she was a kid, showing an object, identical to the gold one, but silver, melding with her body. Awaking she fights Yewll and escapes. Nolan enters the lab finding it ruined, Yewll on the floor and Irisa gone.

The episode ends with Irisa chasing a girl she had seen in her vision and collapsing. She is found by Rynn (Tiio Horn) who debates whether or not to kill her after what Nolan did to Sukar, while the girl from Irisa’s vision watches in the distance.[/i]

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Wow. Just wow. This series is phenomenal. Whoever through this series story line together I wish to buy them a case of the finest liquor of their choice. This series is CLEARLY well beyond the re-imagined BSG in terms of story.

To jump straight to the big reveal at the end of the episode - Irisa has the second artifact INSIDE HER. Let me say that again, the silver artifact IS INSIDE IRISA. No wonder she has a connection with Defiance. No wonder she’s been having visions. No wonder she has her gift. No wonder she was trying to find the hidden gold artifact in Yewll’s office.

Now let me jump to the SECOND big reveal of this episode. Stahma and Datak expertly manipulating Kenya, Amanda and Nolan. It couldn’t have gone better for them. They disgraced Nolan, put Alak back into submission, silenced a major business entity in town and put Amanda on her heals. Stahma’s dialog to Kenya when Kenya attempted to storm into the Tarr household and out Stahma was brilliant. In fact, at this point it’s difficult to see anyone else as the major power entity in Defiance. Rafe might have the ability to stand up to the Tarrs but if he really is neutered by the E-Rep and Mayor Tarr he really will have no say in the matter.

Oh, let’s not forget the ending. Rynn is back and wants to KILL Irisa for what Nolan did to Sukar. CLIFF HANGER! I can’t wait to watch the next episode!

~Shooter Out