Defiance Episode 1.09 If I Ever Leave This World Alive *** SPOILERS***

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The illness infecting Defiance appears to be carried by the Irathient; all Votans appear to be immune. The town council overrules Amanda and imposes a quarantine on the Irathient, holding them in a tunnel at McCawley Mines; one of the Irathient is shot and killed during a scuffle with the miners. Amanda, Nolan and Christie McCawley are all infected. A vaccine for the infection is dropped outside Defiance; Nolan and Connor Lang go to retrieve it, with Lang talking them through the Earth Republic quarantine around Defiance. On their return with the vaccine, they are intercepted and captured by several Irathient who avoided the quarantine; they threaten to destroy the vaccine unless the quarantine is lifted. Datak, acting in place of the unconscious Amanda, meets with the Irathient hijackers and pretends to go along with them, before killing all of them; Connor witnesses the incident and Datak kills him, framing the dead hijackers. Nolan is unconscious and Datak leaves him alive. With the town recovering from the sickness and the ill-feeling brought on by the quarantine, Datak announces his intent to oppose Amanda for the position of mayor. Quentin McCawley gives Nicki the Votan artifact; she tells him his mother is not dead, but suffers from bipolar disorder and is alive in Mendecino, and he leaves Defiance to find to her. Yewll meets with Nicki and it is revealed that they and Birch had worked together before; Nicki tries to convince Yewll to rejoin her now that they have the artifact, which may be capable of reversing or extending the terraforming of Earth.

Please utilize this thread to discuss the series 9th episode, “If I Ever Leave This World Alive.”

How many episodes does this season have? 13?

I think we got a taste of what Datak REALLY thinks of humans in that episode…the rant about humans and survival of the fittest wasn’t acting so to speak…who knew that being sick and knocked out was the thing that saved Nolan…I didn’t like Connor too much but seemed too soon to gun him down…but his play against Amanda was interesting and he was giving us more insight on the “legit” earth gov’t

I don’t like very much that Nicki has “the Matrix of Leadership” (it reminds me of it), and her using it isn’t gonna end well…interesting how the voice in Quentin’s head admitted it’s tied to the artifact though…

All around, this was an incredibly solid episode and one of the more overtly dark episodes this season. Not Season 4 BSG dark where you needed a shower because you felt icky, but the first thing I said after watching it was “the only person who didn’t lose something or suffer this episode was Datak.” The ray of hope at the end for me was that for all the shit and abuse that Nolan and Irisa took this episode, they look like they’re on the road to reconciliation.

I was really happy it didn’t become a zombie episode; more of a pandemic episode. I LOVED the fact that the plague mission in-game had you sending the balaistic missile from the bay area to Defiance. Can I haz moar of those tie-ins plz! :slight_smile:

Datak is starting to show his true colours, and I’m pretty dang sure that if he had had his way he would have found some way to revisit the whole chlorine gas in the caves gambit. I loved how Stahma was mouthing the words to Datak’s speech in the background - it was a bit blunt, but no doubt again who is really in control of the situation.

Did you catch Monday’s episode with what Stahma said about Datak??? Oh BOY
I can’t wait for the election, though I’m pretty sure how this one is gonna end up…

Lol, catching up slowly - too much goodness on the PVR…

It’s been a while since I was able to post but I’m just starting to get caught up now.

First of all I wonder where the heck KEnya was during this episode. Since the disease, the Viral Hemorragic Fever aka Irath Flu, spreads via skin to skin contact I’m shocked that the NeedWant wasn’t hit hard. No mention of it even. That’s hard to believe.

The episode does an excellent job of vaulting Datak more so into the town’s eyes as an equitable and fair leader who gets the job done in a tough time facing long odds. Of course Stahma is the one who makes it all happen by insisting that Datak let all the Irathians free that were detained in the mines. I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of Datak in the mayoral race to come. The entire Tarr family is sneaky - including Alak unpluggin the mayor’s microphone during the joint radio show at the end.

Nolan and Connor do an excellent job negotiating with the E-Rep, stating that by helping the town by allowing Connor and Nolan to retrieve the cure that a stronger cooperation might be possible in the future.

Also, This episodes did confirm with me that Sukar is still alive. We’ll see when Sukar comes back into the series.

Did you like how the town council voted with the colored balls? That was unique and something with Defiance’s stamp all over it. I thought it was a great touch.

Nicki never lets a crisis go without attempting to profit from it in some way shape or form. We learn what happened to Rafe’s wife Pilar - that Pilar is bipolar and was sent away when she attempted to kill her kids with rat poison. We learn that Nicki and Rafe have had an affair. We learn that Yewll and Nicki and Birch used to work together. And we see that Nicki now has the artifact, also known as a Kolovan, as well as a key card to get down in the mines. We also know that Nicki wants to reshape the planet so my guess is the Kolovan is some sort of technology to enable terraforming technology.

We also learn that Amanda and Connor were together for 3 years before Amanda became pregnant and had an abortion without asking Connor about it.

Also, I think the episode did a great job of portraying the Irathian spiritual culture again. I enjoy Defiance including that aspect in the series - the only spirituality shown, actually.

So was Nolan really passed out during Datak’s confrontation with Nizar or was he truly faking it?

Also, are Christie and Alak wed now? I thought Christie already had an engagement ring.

On to the next one!