Defiance Episode 1.07 Good Bye Blue Sky*** SPOILERS***

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Irisa has another vision in which she sees Sukar killed by an object falling from the sky; she and Nolan seek out the Spirit Riders to investigate. Her vision is confirmed and they determine that the object was part of a storm of “razor rain” - small Arkfall objects - approaching Defiance. Nolan returns to warn the town while Irisa attends Sukar’s “sinking” ritual, where his remains will be consumed in an acid bath. Sukar rises fully healed from the bath, throwing the Spirit Riders into confusion; he and Irisa return to Defiance where he starts to collect numerous objects for an unknown purpose. Nicky arrives at the McCawley home, looking for Birch; Quentin admits to Rafe that he killed Birch but does not tell him he kept the artifact. Nicky tricks Rafe into admitting he killed Birch, knowing that he would do so quickly to cover for a member of his family. Luke appears to Quentin and suggests that Quentin kill Nicky, but he refuses. Stahma attempts to hire Kenya to “initiate” Alak sexually before his marriage to Christie; Kenya politely refuses and the two have a conversation over drinks which ends in a lesbian encounter. Alak and Christie have an argument over a proposed bathing ceremony in relation to the marriage; he agrees to approach his parents and cancel it. Sukar and Irisa take over the radio station and broadcast a message at a falling Ark; Nolan attempts to stop them, shooting Sukar and throwing him from the Gateway Arch. Irisa broadcasts the message, enabling the Ark engines which changes the course of the falling object and saves Defiance. Sukar’s miraculous healing is revealed to have been the result of nanites injected by the razor rain object which initially killed him; he survives the fall from the Arch but is paralyzed.

Please utilize this thread to discuss the series 7th episode, “Good Bye Blue Sky.”

Are we really the only two who watch this awesome show on here?? :frowning:

Never mind that. What did you think of the episode? I boiled it down to four great stories:

1 The Stahma-Kenya show (playtime for Stahma or purposeful or both?)

2 Nicky’s intelligence gathering

3 Razer Rain

4 Sukar’s Death (Why? Why? Why? Why? Did they let one of the show’s best characters die?)

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  1. It did show that Kenya likes to play on both sides of the fence (probably good for business, but a nice side note to know too for future stories)…and it showed a legit vulnerable soft/emotional side of Stahma (to this point she’s only been shown as the one behind the scenes pulling the strings on her husband…in a Palpatine like way with only Nolan when he calls her the “real snake” or something like that…nice to see she has some enmotion in there and isn’t some typical robotic alien type…

  2. Nicky is a manipulative one isn’t she?? DAMN…I did admire that…and she played the bloody pillow well…this whole artifact hunt reveal is gonna be the season finale plot point…I swear

  3. Razer Rain was NASTY…but makes sense too all that crap floating the planet is bound to fall now and then…

  4. I think he died to add to Irisa’s conflicts…she’s still pissed at Nolan for not acknowledging what she is and her special gifts, and Sukar was her stabilizing focus in life…the nannites were a nice touch, though a lil like the meta-cholrines to the Force answer to some of the super-natural stuff going on there (now we have to wonder if Irisa has them in her too)…and it makes me wonder, if Nolan hadn’t shot and tossed him out the arch window…I think Sukar would have died anyway, since the nannites did their job and just shut down once the engine engaged…talking about adding to the Nolan/Irisa conflict

…and there’s always a chance we get a head-Sukar inside of Irisa…more so if both were truly chosen…it’s a nice conflict…how much of them is science…and how much is actual divine intervention??

Also there was something that annoyed me about Christie in this episode…the whole fight with Alak over the bathing ritual…it seemed kinda selfish and dumb for her…I can understand not wanting to do the naked sauna thing with the family…but that’s part of their culture and their tradition…if she’s marrying into the family, she should at least respect it (and she didn’t seem to) and she should at least do it once …we’ve all had that “damn we HATE what our wife or GF enjoys or hobby of hers” moment…but you at least gotta respect the relationship and try it at least once …at least that’s how I think

I’m gonna really enjoy chaining this series out on Blu Ray when it comes out :slight_smile:

I don’t doubt that Stahma physically and maybe even emotionally enjoyed the experience with Kenya. But my guess is that Stahma is up to something. The Tarrs are getting set to take over the town in a more agressive manner. This could be a play at an intelligence back-channel for Datak’s run for mayor or worse. And my money is on the “worse” part. I just can’t define what exactly it is at the moment.

And Kenya? She is every bit as sneaky and manipulative as Stahma. Don’t count her out of the spy vs spy stuff when it comes to playing Stahma. Plus Stahma’s little daliance is good for Kenya’s business. Especailly since Kenya must pay mob money to Datak as we see in the envelope that Kenya tries to give Stahma.

I’m 100% convinced that Nicky is half of the force that kept Defiance together. The other half being deceased lawman Clancy. Nicky had to keep Datak down for years. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Nicky arranged the whole plague that took out most of the Defiance Castithan population. Nicky remains a force to be reckoned with and the only downside for Nicky is that her health appears to be significantly and rapidly declining.

First she had to find out what happened to Birch and she had to do so in a manner that didn’t include the authorities since Birch was sent to the McCawley’s to perform illegal activities. Now that that is done watch what she does next. It isn’t going to be pretty. Christie is a nice juicy target, for example.

Most definitely. But I suspect that events such as razer rain and arkfalls are what initiated the rogue terraforming of Erf in the first place. The nannites that came down with the piece that hit Sukar are a nasty example.

And speaking of that…why the frak did the nannites care that the Arkfall missed Defiance? Their ship is crashing into a planet. Who cares where it lands? …unless they were trying to stabilitze it’s orbit. But if the nannites could make Sukar do it couldn’t they have had direct impact on the ship/Ark while it was in space? So many questions…

I don’t think Sukar would have died. I think the nannites had fully repaired his tissues and would have turned the body back over to him. The fall to the construction platform furthered his injuried by severing his spine and causing massive brain damage. But the nannites were now inactive and didn’t repair his brain or spine. So yes, Nolan killed him.

The Head-Luke thing is still interesting. So far it’s not 100% like BSG. Luke disappears when Quentin is no longer the only one in the room. We’ll see how this progresses.

I agree that it will just add to the Irisa-Nolan conflict. And don’t forget that she is still having the visions since she was aware of Sukar’s first death. I agree that perhaps Irisa’s “gift” is nannites. It would make sense. Is Head-Luke nannites too?

My views on Christie-Alak are well known. Ick. Teen melodrama. I don’t need it in my scifi. sigh …but perhaps the next generation of fans do need it to keep them interested. i just wish that they would write these two a little bit more believeable.

This will definitely be the first Blu-ray series that I plan to invest in.

I did laugh at the opening scene of "I want to teach my son how to handle your women…this “g-spot” concept is fascinating to me, it was totally insulting to the humans, but yet being (or at least the perception) of being a caring mother (sorta) in the first place…I hope its more a hint of a good side in here…a little morals and concern for some other people in the town would make her a MUCH deeper character (though I am a fan of the Palpy-weave character, it’s the only thing that got me through the Lucas prequels)

Kenya spying for Amanda…hrrrmmm, that could work…she could be a helluva asset there…

Did they ever say what made Nicky no longer be mayor? I don’t remember…though the mystery artifact could be the key to her trying to heal her aging condition…explains the obsession with it…

And the way she played the McCawley’s was genius :slight_smile:
The problem is messing with Christie, brings that whole marriage sub-plot back into this…though they are teasing the wedding not happening…

So go figure…ark falls are better and more fun in the TV show then the game…the game ones seem to glitch out after the 2nd or 3rd one and I never get any cool stuff…grrrr

As for the nannites…they did say it was done to protect any Votans in the town…so that’s why they cared…it seemed like the nannites needed the ability to remote access the machines in space…and they needed arms and legs to do so, not to mention they crashed to the Earth too…made the best of the resources they had nearby…

Well Sukar may not be dead …fully…either…if he IS a chosen one after all…

The Head-Luke thing is still interesting. So far it’s not 100% like BSG. Luke disappears when Quentin is no longer the only one in the room. We’ll see how this progresses.

True, but it could also be tied to the artifact…I should start calling it “the PRECIOUS” at this point :smiley:

I agree that it will just add to the Irisa-Nolan conflict. And don’t forget that she is still having the visions since she was aware of Sukar’s first death. I agree that perhaps Irisa’s “gift” is nannites. It would make sense. Is Head-Luke nannites too?

Kinda answered that above…I’d be more willing to think Head-Luke is a result of the PRECIOUS more then any nannite…hell what if that’s what the nannites were protecting?? hrmmm…layers!

Well Christie-Alak is a bit poorly written perhaps because it’s two kids with NO CLUE what being in a relationship is about and they’re stumbling through it awfully…perhaps? I like how they gave him a real use in the town being the DJ and all at least…think how awfully you sounded and acted in your first relationship :slight_smile: (doesn’t help does it?)

I bought BSG on DVD then Blu Ray…love me Amazons cards (got me Farscape too)

Heya guys, I’m watching as well and I’m really enjoying it, but I’m a few episodes back on the PVR. Bit of a backlog right now.

I’m also seriously tempted to jump into the game…

Unfortunately the two week break and transition into summer seems to have hurt the series in the ratings. This week’s episode only showed a 1.69 rating, down from 1.95 two weeks ago. The ratings for the show have steadily declined since it’s debut on SyFy in April. Here’s a list of the Defiance episodes and ratings thus far in season 1:

-Episode 1 “Pilot” April 15, 2013: 2.73 million US viewers
-Episode 2 “Down In the Ground Where the Dead Men Go” April 22, 2013: 2.40 million US viewers
-Episode 3 “The Devil In the Dark” April 29, 2013: 2.29 million US viewers
-Episode 4 “A Well Respected Man” May 6, 2013: 2.15 million US viewers
-Episode 5 “The Serpent’s Egg” May 13, 2013: 1.98 million US viewers
-Episode 6 “Brothers In Arms” May 20, 2013: 1.95 million US viewers
-Episode 7 “Goodbye, Blue Sky” June 3, 2013: 1.69 million US viewers

The series is scheduled for 5 more episodes with the season finale scheduled for July 8, 2013. It is already renewed for a second season yet if the numbers continue to dwindle it would be difficult to proceed with such an expensive to produce series as they have so far with the first season.

I do not have the number for active Trion accounts playing Defiance on XBox, PS3 or PC but I would think those numbers would also be an indicator of the franchise’s health as well.

Hopefully the numbers will pick up and the series will surivive. It is an amazing undertaking and done extremely well. I certainly enjoy watchign it every week.

Each episode is very well done. There is not a stinker in the bunch!

I love playing the game too. I just need to find the time to play more often than I do.

Same with me and the game…I finally got heavy into it last weekend…it’s fun and a great way to support the show too!!

Shooter, the NBA playoff game did record numbers…EVERYTHING got killed by it last week…

So I rewatched this episode today and I don’t think Sukar actually died. At the end he is still breathing and Irisa asked the clan to look after him. The leader says “Always, Little Wolf.”

So I guess I’m a little confused on what actually happened at the end.