Defiance Episode 1.06 The Serpent's Egg *** SPOILERS***

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The Land Coach arrives in Defiance, bringing mail and visitors. Nolan and Amanda board the coach; Nolan is escorting Rynn to prison and Amanda is carrying investment money raised by the town to pay for a new rail spur to Defiance. Other passengers include an Earth Republic representative (whom Amanda has been avoiding), her two husbands, and a preacher. Irisa remains behind, and expresses an uncomfortable curiosity regarding a Castithan visitor who arrived on the land coach. Rynn attempts to escape from the coach but is foiled by Nolan; the coach driver is killed by a bomb planted in the cockpit by the preacher, who is actually an inside man for a party of hijackers. The ambush goes wrong; one of the hijackers is killed, as is one of the Earth Rep’s husbands, and Rynn escapes. Nolan manages to force a standoff but the Earth representative is taken hostage. Nolan and Amanda manage to kill both the preacher and the remaining hijacker, only to discover that the Earth representative is also part of the plan; she wants to force Defiance to take Earth Republic funding to pay for the spur. Rynn returns and overpowers her, then leaves with the remaining husband; Amanda and Nolan let them leave. Meanwhile, Irisa kidnaps the Castithan, whom she believes is the one who tortured her as a child; she begins to torture him in return, to force him to confess. Deputy Lasalle tries to stop her until the Castithan confesses; he did indeed torture her, believing her to be some form of “destroyer goddess”. Amanda and Nolan return to Defiance with the Earth representative under arrest; she is put on board the land coach in handcuffs but immediately released by her supposed police escort. Irisa releases the Castithan and puts him on the land coach; she and Deputy Lasalle, spurred by their shared encounter and difficult pasts, begin a sexual relationship.

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In this episode we get a larger view of the world around Defiance without getting into too much. Nolan and Amanda are on their way to fund a maglev rail spur into Defiance, an Earth-Republic representative interfaces with them, we hear that Colexico and Cedars are nearby towns, Vegas had the local prison, and they take a “Land Coach” across the wasteland.

I have to wonder if the type of conspiracies shown against Defiance with ex-Mayor Nicky, Mr. Birch and Olfin Tennety happen all over Erf or if Defiance is special in this regard. If it is just that Defiance is special, is it because of the mines or whatever was found at the bottom of mine shaft L-7? Defiance certainly hasn’t been on anyone’s map before, otherwise it would already have a maglev rail line into town. So it definitely stinks of something secret and hidden.

For those of us who have played the game, chances are you’ve seen a ride like Nolan’s Charger in game before. For those that haven’t played the game you’ve seen a glimpse of it at the beginning of the episode. I have high hopes that we get to see the Lawman’s cruiser in action next week.

Okay folks. Why the frak is there only one prison in what remains of the entire western United States? And why is Defiance allowed to send criminals there? I mean Defiance is NOT part of a larger government so how is it allowed to use the prision?

And why did it take 5 episodes for the show to make Alak Tarr the least bit desirable? Instead of the snaky spoiled son of the local mafia head he’s now the popular metropolitan heartthrob DJ. If the show MUST move the Christie-Alak teen love story forward I’m glad they did it this way. Without much screen time but I still got the same effect. As you all know by now this is my least favorite part of the show so anything to minimize it is good in my opinion.

I have to thank my Dad for being a big John Wayne fan. I’m also a big SciFi fan. Which is probably one of the many reasons I’ve liked shows like Firefly and Defiance that merge futuristic technology with old-west style living. The Land Coach was a nice touch. I haven’t run into a Land Coach in the game yet but I can certainly see the appeal. I hope to see a train robbery stick-up in the future too.

We can all agree by now that Nolan is a very competent individual. His Lawman skills have yet to be fully developed. I’m glad that he caught Rynn before her first escape attempt but the way they handled the prisoner let it happen in the first place. Perhaps Nolan was playing possum just waiting for Rynn to make her move because he can’t guard against everything but I won’t give him that much credit yet.

Amanda’s views on Group Marriage are definitely interesting. Epsically since Nolan and Kenya are bordering on a relationship now. Nolan sees right through her statements, though. And at the end when Tennety wants to know everything about Amanda her past lovers come up again. I’m sure we’ll see some additional history there in a future episode.

As far as character history goes I feel like that’s all the episodes have been about since the Pilot. I love good backstory and character arcs but I also want to see the story develop. I hope we don’t get stuck defining the past all season. There are so many mysteries and plot lines NOW that the past just ends up muddling the message in my opinion.

Ben Cotton as Diago was PERFECT. I really liked his performance in Blood And Chrome and he played his character wonderfully in Defiance. What a sniveling idiot. I’m glad Tommy and Irisa left him to a normal life fate. His failures and dead girls will eat at him for as long as he lives. He enjoyed torturing those girls too much, he deserves a horrible punishment.

What happened to Irisa was unspeakable. What’s really going to bake our noodles later is wondering if Diago’s snake trick with Irisa actually caused her gift to develop or if it was already there to begin with that that’s what save d her from the snakes.

If Olfin Tennety had planned on stealing Defiance’s script meant for the maglev rail spur she must have another inside source to pre-plan the heist. It was well planned but very poorly executed. And she is one cold bitch – using the heist to rid herself of her two husbands. I’m glad Ziggy got out and hope we see him again to rid Erf of Tennety forever next time. I’m also sure Amanda will come to regret her decision to save Tennety.

In case we didn’t catch it in the Pilot, Amanda is quite the weapons expert on her own. The woman knows how to shoot. I hope we see more of that. It actually puts her on par with Datak’s knife skills and an equal instead of a simple bureaucrat.

Nolan surprises us by being able to quote the bible as needed. We’ll tuck that knowledge away for future use.

Hey! Tommy and Irisa get it on. I wish those two well and I hope their relationship isn’t used against them in a future confrontation but know we’ll most likely see one of those stories eventually.

Irisa’s confliction between Diago and Sukar is interesting. I don’t mean to minimize it but I simply don’t have enough information about it yet. It will be a major plot line to watch, though.

As much as I think it was the wrong thing to do to let Tennety live I think it was the right thing to do to let Rynn go. She did murder the people that murdered and profited from her parents but even that could be considered okay in certain societies. Rynn did come back to help Nolan and Amanda. I hope we will see her again soon.

Finally, Tennety says she wants to know everything about Amanda’s friends and family in addition to her past lovers. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this pan out with the Rosewater girls’ mom in addition to Kenya in the future.