Defiance Episode 1.06 Brothers In Arms *** SPOILERS***

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The episode begins with a slightly stout Castathan being chased by a human in the marketplace when he uses a crystalline drop blast explosion in an attempt to escape. Before he can, Nolan catches him and arrests him before the human bounty hunter. Nolan recognizes the bounty hunter as Eddie; an old war comrade. They take the Castathan back to the cell. Eddie identifies him as petty ‘pyro freak’ and asks “No man” Nolan permission to sell him to the Earth Republic for prosecution. It is later confirmed by Tommy that the Castathan man is in fact infamous Pol Mads, the famous weapons designer and inventor of the crystalline drop blasts. Meanwhile, as Doc Yewll examines Mads, he whispers a vague extortive message that he will reveal details of her involvement in the Pale wars unless she helps him escape. Eddie apologizes for lying but keeps asking Nolan for Mads. Nolan finally refuses after hearing 15 people were injured in the blast. He then attempts to appease Eddie with all the money he has on him. Eddie decides to get drunk and spend the money on a prostitute and meets with Kenya. When Kenya and Eddie are in the room, Kenya realizes she can’t go through with this commitment and makes an excuse to leave. Nolan asks Amanda to release the Castathan to Eddie. Amanda refuses and tells him she made contact with the Earth Republic to negotiate an extradition. Quenten McCawley is still examining the book and artifacts left behind by his brother. Ex-Mayor Nicky spots him. Upon hearing about Nicky’s interest in the book, Quenton’s father, Rafe McCawley tells him that Nicky is dangerous and he should get rid of the book. Amanda and Kenya talk about her relationship with Nolan as well as their past disastrous relationships. Someone drops a yellow chemical blast package for Mads through the vent from the vent which he uses to break out of jail. After finding remnants of the strafing powder, Nolan initially confronts Eddie but then recruits him for help in finding Mads. Amanda seems to know the Earth Republic representative who lets her know that ER will tear Defiance apart looking for him. Mads poisons Datak with a nano tab to coerce Datak to help with his escape. When Nolan interrogates him, he nicely denies any involvement. The law keepers along with Eddie catch Mads and Datak when they are out of the town. Mads reveals to Nolan that ER wants Mads to manufacture weapons, not to charge him for war crimes upon which Nolan shoots him. Eddie gets mad and reminds Nolan that he saved both Noland and Irisa. The ER officials arrive. Nolan was about to confess but Eddie does instead citing that Nolan has a daughter and that he would do the same for him. Eddie gets arrested for his great sacrifice. Meanwhile, mayor Nikki’s associate come into McCawley’s house looking for the book. Quentin catches him and proceeds to kill him, egged by a hallucination of his older brother. Kenya breaks up with Nolan and tells him she doesn’t want to see him again. While Eddie is being transported, he is shown holding a packet of yellow chemical blast. Nolan tells Irisa about her Uncle Eddie; she had seemingly forgotten he saved her life as a child. .

Please utilize this thread to discuss the series 6th episode, “Brothers In Arms.”

It felt to me like this was the first episode we got to see how the world really works outside of Defiance…and how dangerous and messed up the people are outside of this lil safe haven (which makes the town sound more appealing and in essence, something more worth saving and fighting for)

the mine looked damn pretty I must say, and I’m glad the medallion of DOOM (I call everything OF DOOM, sorry) seems to be really important and I’ll bet its involved in the season finale no doubt… the explosive devices were badass…and I learned…NEVER pass the salt in Defiance :slight_smile:

I did like Amanda’s endorsement of Nolan to her sister…calling him a good man, was about the nicest thing she’s said about him since his arrival…and dammit to hell I do NOT wanna wait two weeks for more…grrrrr, maybe I can start playing the frakking game…

Last week’s episode was more an introduction into outside-Defiance for me. This episode just expanded on it. For instance, I don’t think it was any coincidence that the E-Rep sent to negotiate Pol Mads extradition was Connor Lange - presumably an old flame for Amanda. I’m sure Tennety made that connection pretty quick after returning to New York last week. We also have the return of Nikki and Mr. Birch. They must be approaching the mystery of Defiance with the backing of others as well.

I like how you put that Defiance is worth saving and fighting for. Very true. The badlands are indeed not very hospitable for creating a society. Defiance’s ability to stand on its own is worth it.

Don’t forget that the cave painting displayed two medalions. One was gold and one was silver. Also it was interesting to learn that the cavern was part of an after effect from the great 1811 earthquake. I’m glad they haven’t lost all natural history from the area.

I’m guessing we’ll see all sorts of little technological tricks like the just add water explosive. Not only is this 33 years into the future but it is also including the advanced technology of an entire spacefaring society. with all the old-west survivalist scenes that we see that might be easy to forget from time to time.

Amanda’s endorsement was nice, but instead of acting on it Kenya decided to close the door on their relationship. Probably because it was too complicated for her to have a relationship with Nolan and still running her business at the NeedWant.

As far as the game goes it has been fun. Last week I played the first episode mission and met Rynn again. I like how they are interacting the characters from the show into the game. They truly are connected and it’s not in a cheap gimicky way, it’s really well done.

Last week was the peek at the outside world…this week kinda kicked the doors in…least for me…and I do hope they keep that “this is worth fighting for” feeling…the more we see outside the town, the better we know the town actually is…wonder if we ever see Antartica…heh…

I like the mix of tech and wild west…feels very Serenity to me…so does Nolan’s look come to think of it…

Nah, Kenya saw commitment and relationship and ran like most women in my life do…plain and simple :p…odds are she’ll regret and something nasty will happen that brings them back together…and Amanda meant well but the motherly “he’s a nice boy” speech never works the way you want it to…

Between all my hockey leagues being off this week, Bates Motel season is over and Defiance taking a week off…this monday is gonna SUCK!!!

It’s a good time to start the game.

After thinking about the episode there are four themes that I want to review in addition to the topics already covered.

1. Defiance Story Arc:

We meet Head-Luke. SyFy has gone down this path before with Battlestar Galactica. Head-Baltar and Head-Six come to mind. Six and Baltar turned out to be “Angels.” Do I have ANY idea of what or who Head-Luke is? No. None whatsoever. Quentin could just be going “Guano-Crazy.” Luke could be an angel. Luke could be forever trapped inside the artifact. There are a plethora of possibilities right now. I haven’t completely the game’s story yet so I don’t know if there is anything like this in-game but I haven’t heard anything about it. This could be a show-only special. We’ll see if Head-Luke comes back again soon. Either way Head-Luke will be worth watching for again. Especially since Head-Luke convinced mild-mannered Quentin to out-and-out defy his father and murder a man.

Aside from Quentin being about the stupidest person alive in Defiance as far as OPSEC (Operational Security) is concerned and reading the book at the rail car dinner, we are given insight into how exactly ex-Mayor Nicky knows about the artifact to begin with. Rafe gave her a tour of the mine. And by Rafe’s reaction to Quentin’s encounter with Nicky the two of them, Rafe and Nicky, are not exactly best buds.

Mr. Birch’s past and his connection to Nicky remains unexplained. To understand what is happening in Defiance I suspect we’ll be given additional insight into Mr. Birch, his past and how he came to work for Nicky. Look out for this past story to re-emerge in a future episode flash-back since the show seems to love to do that.

Amanda’s quest to bring the mag-lev rail line to Defiance continues with her unsuccessful bargaining quest with the E-Rep to earn free rights/right-a-away to Oklahoma City. I agree with her. It’s a familiar story, an up and coming town fights for a new rail line or freeway to pass by their town to maintain relevancy. This story will not go away for the foreseeable future especially since it will be a main source of interaction with the E-Rep.

And as I already mentioned in a post, Connor Lange’s involvement in this process is a direct result of Olfin Tennety’s influence after the episode last week. We’ll see more of Connor. It’s an obvious attempt to influence and weaken Amanda.

2. Relationships:

Defiance sure isn’t being aired on The Hallmark Channel. Irisa treats Tommy like a one night stand, Kenya “breaks up” with Nolan because she finds she can no longer do her job and that threatens her, and Amanda’s ex-lover Connor Lange suddenly appears in the mix. (We also get a mention of Kenya’s past with Hunter Bill). Thank Crom there was no mention or even screen time for Alak Tarr and Christie McCrawley this episode. Although the two are engaged so I fear their relationship will re-emerge into an episode soon.

3. CGI:

Dante’s Drop in the mines was spectacular. I know scenes like this add to the production costs and what we received in the Pilot episode was amazing and probably blew the CGI budget for a few episodes. But we have seen hellbugs and energy knives too. I’m looking forward to what else they CGI and hope that they expand CGI use as the season progresses.

4. Nolan (& Irisa…& Eddie):

It is clear through his actions (assuming Eddie was indeed the person who dropped the crystalline explosive powder in Pol Madis’ cell) that Eddie was pissed at Nolan. Eddie constantly lied to Nolan, right up to the time that Nolan was prepared to sacrifice himself just to keep Irisa safe. It all came clear to Eddie then. And for Nolan’s part he tried to help Eddie any way that he could as long as it was right. Nolan knew his debt to Eddie. And now Irisa does too.

As for the Varus’ ¼ million bounty on Nolan? You bet that’s going to come back up again. Perhaps Rynn will come back as a bounty hunter for Varus to attempt to take in Nolan.

Has anyone noticed that Nolan (Grant Bowler) is a lefty?

This keeps coming up. My guess is that eventually we will learn about what is in Antartica. But hopefully it won’t be until the very last episode 10 years from now. It’s something I’m looking forward to.

Grant Bowler has a lot of SciFi-ish history. He was in a Farscape episode, Lost and True Blood. Sicne I haven’t really watched any of those shows I can tell you I’m liking what I’m seeing so far. He pull off the vipe amazingly well. although I do wonder who would come out on top in a head-to-head, Nolan or Malcom Reynolds from Firefly.