Cosplay Gallery/Guess the series

What series is this bike and babe from?

This one should be obvious…

Hmmmmmmmmmm, RPGer’s should like this one…:slight_smile:

That’s uh…crap I forget her name from Xenosaga. Kes-mes or something? Looked it up it’s KOS-MOS

Second is Samus from Metroid

Third is a Sister of Battle from WH40k

Bite your tongue.

Where were those girl when I was single!!!

I recognized the Xenosaga one, but not the other two.

If it’s anime, I should be able to recognize folks. Games, not so much.

Bend to my will!!

Nice boots…

This one is full of video game goodness-

Dont they look so happy and colorful?

These girls are adorable!