Cosmos 1x08 Travels in Space and Time

Friday, October 16, 2009
11 PM Eastern - 8 PM Pacific

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“If we capitulate to superstition or greed or stupidity, we could
plunge our world into a time of darkness deeper than the time
between the collapse of classical civilization and the Italian
Renaissance. But we are also capable of using our compassion
and our intelligence, our technology and our wealth to make an
abundant and meaningful life for every inhabitant of this planet.”

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And we’re a go!

Am I the only one here?

Nope! I guess not! Hi, Mr B!

Just us chickens.

I love this stuff!

damn…i hate being late. I thought this moved to nine…:frowning:

That’s pretty neat, even with the ancient CGI. :slight_smile:

No worries!

I remember it being pretty similar in my college astronomy class, which, unlike Chuck’s, was held in a planetarium.

that is just awesome! i had to settle for a plain ol’ room with an anthrax lab above us…:wink:

Ok, now this is the part of the Theory of Relativity that blows my mind…

Look, scooters! Ciao! gigglesnort

Einstein, don’t rule out SOL travel…you’ll ruin science fiction!

Those were some mighty eyebrows. :slight_smile:

Scary! :eek:

balls…internet fail. :frowning:

“Nuclear motorboat” :smiley:

LOL! But FTL breaks the laws of physics, unless there’s some trick to it that you just SEEM to do so. Like wormholes, and folding space.

And if I think about it too much, my brain will start hurting…

Ah! Fusion reactors!

thinking bad. it hurt brain.

Or hyperspace, where you utilize higher dimensions.