Cosmos 1x07 The Backbone of Night

Thursday, October 15, 2009
11 PM Eastern - 8 PM Pacific

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“The sky calls to us. If we do not destroy ourselves,
we will one day venture to the stars.”

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oh, to be a kid in a big city, what I always wanted. go sagan, way to live the dream…

lucky kids, getting taught by the master himself.

He was really a great teacher. Look how engaged those kids are.

and he seems geniunely enthused about teaching. :slight_smile:

the milky way explanation; ew. :wink:

I love that bit about Hera’s milk. Impressive distance, even for a goddess. :smiley:

and then she leaves the mess lying around for some other god to clean up. i guess no one ever said hera was considerate.

just build a wall, it will solve all your problems; i can even get you a great deal on some rock!

Wow. The very idea of such a realization that long ago is staggering. You really have to wonder how many modern people could have figured that out.

pythagoras=full boss.

Ah! The five solids! Not again! :eek:

dodecahedron and the square of two are incendiary??? change is good…

Thankfully, we now enjoy freedom of dodecahedra. :smiley:

Way to go, Plato. :frowning:

to the horror of geometry students everywhere.

they never teach that side of plato in school…

Copernicus as plagarist? goodness gracious…

The Monty Python Galaxy Song must have come directly from that lesson…

till next time, badger…