Conceptual art in films/tv vs those in games


The visuals for films/tv and games have always intrigued me because there is concept art being created everyday for our fav TV show, Film and Video game. Whats interesting though lately it seems video game concept art is surpassing or just as good as film art in the sense of creativity and designs, not necessarily technology or realism as most films use the latest technology to produce high quality final visuals and games use game engines which use technology to be able to run games on our PC’S and Game consols. The actual process of conceptual designing for Games and Film is not so diffrent. An example would be look at the concept designs for a game like Gears of war, Halo compared to Tv’s Falling Skies or Battle LA or Mass effects alien designs compared to those of the Green Lantern movie. Which did you feel was a more imerseful visual experience?

Is video game art more diverse and creative because the art lives in a virtual world because the final out put doesn’t need to be super high quality as in Film or television? Should film makers pay more attention to trends in conceptual design in games to keep up with the video game geeks expectations?

might be a fun arc,

Paint Monger