comedy. arc


After all we could all use a good laugh…

Maybe we could chose some comedians, go through some great routines. Cause every single person needs to watch robin Williams live on Broadway.


Could still be a sci-fi related comedy arc. Red Dwarf has been done but there’s Hyperdrive, various Doctor Who specials (i.e. Curse of the Fatal Death), and there are SF comics out there.


I just finished Hyperdrive on netflix IW. Loved it! ( as you can see by my current signature)


Galaxy Quest
Gamers / Dorkness Rising
Free Enterprise


Bill and Ted


Others contenders that have either been mentioned in the cast or brought up on the boards:
Python, Blackadder, Legend of Neil, The Guild, Venture Bros., Archer, Futurama, MST3K, Spaceballs, Shaun of the Dead, Mars Attacks!, Weird Science

…and I’ll go old-school and suggest Sleeper. (the Orgasmatron will not be denied)


Not sure if this is mentioned elsewhere … but I watched Dorkness Rising last night and laughed my fraking ass off. I nearly pee’d myself.

Sure production value was rustic at times, but DAMN those writers put together some funny, funny stuff.

I give it 4 oddballs out of 4 :slight_smile:


Be sure to check out JourneyQuest, then.


oh man … that was Tasty too, thanks :slight_smile:

(and it is Creative Common … they got that going for them … which is nice)


Two more ideas for sci-

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Two more ideas for a sci-do & comedy arc: Third rock from the sun & Muppets in space …!!!

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