Collecting SGU

Maybe this should be on the B!Tch and moan thread, but holy Crap! Is it difficult to find SGU on Bluray AND a good deal.
Seems like this show got no love when it was on, let alone any love after it was given the boot!!

I like the show, and would like to own it in my collection, man, are they making it hard to get my money…

Love Stargate Universe. And I never even watched SG1 (cept part of S1—just haven’t got it around to it).
Stargate Universe was my fav show when it was on.
And, damn, the why the FRAK aren’t there ANY space sci fi shows on anymore? Frustrates me.

I’m not sure if Season 2 actually came out on BluRay. I know there was some complaining about that on Gateworld when it came out on DVD.

That’s definitely a big help. SGU is a very different show. I think if they hadn’t branded it as part of the Stargate franchise it would have been received better.

I know what you mean. But I can’t see the studio execs ever considering that. Banking on the carryover fans from SG1 and Atlantis was I’m sure part of their math. And $math is king.

Yeah, I wasn’t to sure about Season 2 on bluray either, I thought I saw 2.0 earlier, but not the full season on one disc.
Also DON’T get me started on these .0 and .5 seasons released at full F*CK!G Pop as well!!
BSG just about KILLED me in pricing…
I can’t even ramble on about he old days, it wasn’t any better then as well, anybody remember payin $19.95 for two episodes of ST: TNG on video!!
Saw a couple of seasons worth sitting on a shelf at a Thrift store last year, and just had to shake my head…

Back back to the above topic, show some love for the show you created execs!!!
Make it available, people will buy it!!

I really enjoyed SGU and would love to have it in my collection but I want it in HD (as it was intended to be viewed) and I won’t be paying for one season on Blu and the other on DVD. Lets not even get into the extreme pricing of the first boxset (a tenner above other similar episode number boxsets) which no doubt shows MGM were simply trying to gut the existing fanbase with no intent to support the franchise from then on.