Classics of Sci-Fi Anime

So, with the recent release of Appleseed Ex Machina I sort of started on my old anime thing again, but actually I was hoping this time to find some new stuff to take a look at, and I was thinking I might be able to find help here.

I have a relatively small collection of anime, almost all of it falling distinctly into Sci-Fi, I have Akira, Ghost in the Shell 1 & 2, the entire Evangelion series, all 3 Appleseed vids(OVA, 2004, and Ex Machina), most of the original Robotech collection, Record of Lodoss War, and Vampire Hunter D(bloodlust as well)

Based on what I have already, I was hoping there are some others around here with greater knowledge of Sci-Fi anime(or really any great anime) than myself who could give some recommendations, or perhaps mention any classics that I haven’t picked up or heard of.

While we’re at it I thought it might be fun to list some favorites from your own anime collections, or even some great Manga’s if you have them, as I’m very interested at the moment in starting with some of the classics myself

Thanks in advance for any help =)

Like you my anime collection is quite small, A bunch of ghost in the shell, appleseed, and some others. But I have been getting exposed to some stuff from a buddy of mine who is an anime fanatic. I recently started watching FLCL, which isnt exactly scifi but it is for sure some of the very best 2d animation I have ever been explosed to.

As for manga that I love that are at the top for me, I have every ghost in the shell issue in every series (individual issues and alot of trade paperbacks), your under arrest, gunsmith cats, blade of the immortal, and some other stuff that doesnt make the top of my iist.

Based on Chuck’s recommendation on the blog, I recently watched Titan A.E. and it was quite good.

Ah nice, by any chance would you happen to have any tips about how to get ahold of some of the older stuff? unfortunately I haven’t found any local shops around here that have them, and even at online stores like amazon I’ve been having trouble tracking down specific ones such as appleseed issues 3 and 4

I’ll have to check that out, I don’t really limit the anime I watch to Sci-Fi, I just wanted to ask a more specific question hoping it’d yield greater results =P and I’m always looking for something new

Yeah I remember watching that right after it came out on DVD and it was pretty good, I liked it alot. Unfortunately over the years I’ve never actually picked it up and bought it, but I usually remember movies fairly well so no biggy for me =)

Oh and btw, if anybody out there has seen Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, how does it hold up in terms of quality to the movies? The original mangas? I ask because the first season(gig?) is on the netflix instant watch catalog and I’m gettin ready to sit down and start watching that in the next week or so. Thanks a bunch!

I’ve definately overlooked anime quite a bit. Titan A.E. is good but I don’t think it’d be considered Anime. It has more of an American Animation style to it mixed with CG. It looks beatiful though.

There is one show I used to watch religiously as a kid, SABER RIDER AND THE STAR SHERIFFS - a cult classic in my opinion:


Man that is strange. Explain why a giant Robot needs a giant mechanical horse as transportation instead of a giant car or jetpacks

Trying to reduce his carbon footprint?

Yeah, Titan A.E. probably falls into american animation/CG, not necessarily anime. But meh, its all good =)

>.< Looks like a fun show, I might just have to check that one out eventually

lol, good point, but really why use standard technology when you can do something cool like a giant robot horse. It’s all about flair! =)

It really is about the flair. The show is a space western originally from Japan and yeah, I totally loved the western element as a kid. Which is funny, because the western thing is the same reason I’m reluctant to check out Firefly. There’s certainly a contradiction right there… but Saber Rider is a great show, the German-dubbed version had AWESOME one-liners, real classics, so I’m guessing it should also be cool to watch in English. The coolest thing, though, was when their spaceship transformed into a giant robot:


Anyway, speaking of 80s space western…


Niko had gorgeous green eyes… she was a Cylon-class hottie ! :o

I have most of the ones you listed, and especially like Vampire Hunter D. while not sci-fi, I did also enjoy Rouroni Kenshin. I liked the 3 related movies—Called Samurai X—the most, but the television show was decent, but more oriented towards a younger audience, while the movies were more mature. The series was pretty expensive when I picked it up, because it had a small US following, but after Cartoon Network picked it up, the DVDs became cheaper.

Ah yeah, I thought I recognized the name of that show so I went on youtube and looked up some clips. I can’t recall any story or anything from it, but I’m sure I’ve seen it before because I definately recognize the samurai with the red hair and X shaped scar on his cheek, as well as the taller guy with the huge sword and bandaged torso. Sounds good though, I’ll have to throw the movies on my netflix queue and check 'em out. Thanks for the recommend =)

Oh, GalaxyRanger, that top clip on your latest post just summoned up memories of Voltron, I’m gonna have to look into that =P

Have you tried ebay?

I have the 1st season on DVD. It quite good. I mean the quality isnt up to what they did with the movies, but for a show - its top notch! Good stories too, you should for sure check it out!

If any of you want to see Titan A.E. it’s on just get an account

The Big O <-- giant robots, a robot girl, and another example of “this has happened before, it will happen again” storytelling

One of my favorites is Steamboy. Of course, I am a fan of the Steampunk genre.

I am actually surprised to see that Cowboy Bebop hasn’t been mentioned here yet. I have an Evangelion collection, but my personal favorite is Bebop. Bebop is a really good sci-fi theme and has some really classic story elements. Cowboy Bebop would be my reccommendation (PG-13 mostly, but some extensive gunbattle scenes).

i suggest maybe try macross plus. or gundum although if your into anime might already have tried them. that said the very first anime i ever saw was one called lensmen and 6 year old me loved not sure if adult me still would. but there you go?

Gall Force, Gunbuster, or Star Blazers anyone?

Gall Force




And I’m surprised no onementioned this…


My first exposure to anime was Gundam. I livied in Nagasaki when I was six (in spitting distance of ground zero there…) The first series of Gundam was being aired there, and I was forever scarred. I rewatched it a couple of years ago, and it actually still works pretty good. All hand-drawn of course, but really well done.