Clara-Confidence/Support Poll

Date Of This Post: August 7th, 2013.

As of this post/poll we have been shown all of Series 7. We are in anticipation of the 50th Anniverary Doctor Who and Christmas Specials. We have seen who Clara is and what she has done for The Doctor. From what I’ve gathered, reception of Ms. Jenna-Louise Coleman (aka Jenna Coleman) and her character Clara is mixed. For the record I like her and I like Clara. In the coming months she will be handling some important issues on the show (I’m staying spoiler-free so that is the extent of what I’m willing to state here) and started thinking about how her perception will effect how the audience views upcoming events. So to get a better idea of how this might go I decided to post a Clara-Confidence/Support poll. Feel free to back up your views with a post too!

Can we support Jenna Coleman but not support the writing for Clara?

At this point my standard for companions is “at least she isn’t Donna”

Donna was one of my favorite companions ever, and my favorite female companion in the new series. Favorite companion of the new series, of course, goes to Rory*. Both are similar in that they don’t take the Doctor’s BS at face value.

As to Clara, I love the concept of her but was very underwhelmed in the execution, much like I am with a lot of Doctor Who over the past few years. I would like a 3rd (non-Baltar) option of “I don’t hate her or love her.”

I fell on the side of support. I don’t think it’s Jenna Coleman’s fault and with good writing she could turn this character into something great. She (the character) shares a lot of the Doctor’s wonder and love of the unknown, and childlike enthusiasm that could get her in all kinds of trouble that she could then get herself out of instead of being saved all the time.

* What, you thought I was going to say Jack?

Donna is my favorite companion for the new Who. With Clara not have the lovey dovey feelings for The Doctor helps her character in my book. As long as she does not has a mental breakdown like Rose did after the regeneration, I think Clara should work well with the 12th if she makes it there that is.

I’ll admit I’m surprised about the overwhelming show of support for Clara so far. She’s showing a clear 6-0 in favor of her vote right now. I would be interested to hear from anyone who doesn;t think she will manage upcoming events well or do not think she makes a very good companion.